Is this the world’s biggest tease or the world’s biggest spoiler? In the new official trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, we hear Luke, narrating, we see a grim image of Darth Vader’s mangled mask, and hear faint breathing, and Luke says, “The Force is strong in my family. My father has it…”. Note the present tense. Does that mean Vader is still alive, somehow?

A landspeeder jets past a downed Imperial battlecruiser. Leia is handed a lightsaber. X-Wings fly in formation. Explosion!

At the end we see Han and Chewie, in an awesomely spine tingling moment.

In cinemas in December. Does Vader live? Watch it now and decide for yourself!

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  1. Mel

    Gold class anyone???? I actually heard this preview on the radio on the way home from work in the car today. I’m so excited!!!!!

  2. Carolina

    So excited! Vader’s dead though, Luke burned his body in Return of the Jedi. I think this a Sith wanna-be or a secret apprentice who wants to follow in footsteps. Unless … it could be a clone (that’d be a cool twist). Perhaps Vader appears as a Force ghost too like Obi Wan and Yoda used to appear.

    • C S Hughes
      C S Hughes

      Some people are saying that it is a Force ghost, but then, there’s the breathing. That breathing is very present, not ghostly and certainly not anything like Anakin. Vader’s Force ghost was the younger Anakin, before he turned to the dark side. A clone is a possibility I didn’t consider. A clone wouldn’t have all the cybernetic enhancements and modifications that required the mask that caused Vader’s very distinctive, slightly nerdy, but quite disturbing asthma. Of course JJ Abrams could just be messing with us, and it might just be a giant red herring.

      • Carolina

        I know what you mean, my mom and I watched the trailer yesterday while I was at my therapy for my burns and she screamed when she saw Vader’s mask and the breathing, and then at the end with Han “Chewie we’re home”. Lol I think the doctors heard and my therapist is a big fan so she was blown away too. I hope it is not a red herring and it does have a deeper meaning. But I still think if Vader comes, it will have to be as a clone. Another theory I just came upon while talking with my friends, is that this could be Luke or Leia’s son who follows in his grandfather’s footsteps. That is interesting since in the Expanded Universe which is now called “Legends” thanks to Disney who doesn’t consider that canon anymore, there was this storyline where Leia/Han have twins. A boy and a girl who take after Han (physically) and their grandfather in terms of the force. The girl is the more active, impulsive and the one who everyone thinks is going to go to the dark side but it ends up with the “good” one turning all dark and evil like his grandfather. I know Disney wants to disregard the “Legends” stuff, but it could still be a possibility that they might be borrowing some ideas from it. I hope that is the case because the Expanded Universe had some good storylines.

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