To celebrate the arrival of Star Trek Beyond on Blu-ray, DVD, 4K Ultra HD, Blu-Ray 3D & Digital, and thanks to Universal Pictures and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment we have a superb action-packed giveaway for our Australian readers.

In the latest epic installment the crew of the USS Enterprise are sent on a rescue mission to the farthest reaches of space. Encountering a mysterious new enemy – Krall – who puts them and everything the Federation stands for to the test, they crash land on an uncharted hostile world. With no means of escape, only Jaylah, a rebellious alien warrior, can help them reunite and find a way off to escape the planet in a race against time to stop the ruthless Krall’s forces from triggering all-out galactic war.
Join the crew on their latest mission and celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary with never before seen featurettes from the cast. Go beyond the film’s incredible action and see how the physics defying, futuristic sequences of sci-fi spectacle were created in hours of behind the scenes bonus content.


To help you travel the galaxy at warp speed with the USS Enterprise crew as they continue their 5 year mission, to boldly go where no one has gone before, we’re giving away 5 fabulous prize packs consisting of 2 sets of Star Trek Beyond Limited Edition Headphones, 1 Star Trek Beyond Limited Edition Action Camera, and your choice of Star Trek Beyond on Blu-Ray or DVD.

To win all you need to do is let us know which is your favourite Star Trek TV series; Star Trek The Original Series, Star Trek The Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek The Animated Series, or Star Trek Enterprise, and why?

Competition is open to our Australian readers and entries close at 6pm AEST on November 14, 2016.
Star Trek Beyond

Directed by: Justin Lin
Produced by: J.J. Abrams
Written by: Simon Pegg and Doug Jung

Chris Pine as Captain James T Kirk (Into the Woods, Horrible Bosses 2)
Zachary Quinto as Spock (Hannibal, American Horror Story)
Idris Elba as Krall (Pacific Rim, Thor)
Sofia Boutella as Jaylah (Kingsman: The Secret Service, StreetDance 2)
Zoe Saldana as Uhura (Avatar, Guardians of the Galaxy)
Karl Urban as Doctor McCoy (Dredd, The Lord of the Rings)
Simon Pegg as Montgomery “Scotty” Scott (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Shaun of the Dead)
John Cho as Hikaru Sulu (American Dad, New Girl)
Anton Yelchin as Pavel Chekov (Fright Night, Terminator Salvation)

Blu-ray™ Bonus Features:
*Feature film in high definition
*Deleted scenes
*Beyond the Darkness
*Enterprise takedown
*Divided and conquered
*A warped sense of revenge
*Trekking in the dessert
*Exploring strange new worlds
*New life, new civilisations
*To live long and prosper
*For Leonard and Anton
*Gag reel

89 Responses

  1. Sharon A Conrad

    Okay, I want this. My favorite would have to be Star Trek the original tv series. I wanted to be on the Enterprise seeing new frontiers with Capt. James Tiberius Kirk, Bones, Uhura, Spock, and all the rest of the crew. I love the new Star Trek Enterprise for this reason. My old friends are new again. WooHoo!

  2. David Honey

    Star Trek the Original is my favourite as the concept was so unique it took us on adventures to explore strange new worlds and boldly go where no man has gone before.

  3. Dianne

    Star Trek Enterprise … a successful reboot of a much loved icon that has injected its own identity into the canon … love it

  4. Michael leaver

    While everyone else is off on the USS Enterprise I think i just say on base as my favourite was Deep Space Nine, I cant say why I liked this more then the others, might of had something to do with the figurines set i got one christmasn

  5. Craig

    DS9 for me. Couldn’t get enough of Quark and his 285 Rules of Acquisition. He became so popular he started making guest appearances in the other series. Long live the Ferengi… or at least richly!

  6. Jade O

    Next Generation, many late nights were spend staying awake to watch and record (good old VHS) Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew explore space…. the final frontier. It’s where my love for Patrick Stewart began.

  7. Mick G

    Star Trek The Next Generation had such a myriad of amazing characters and many moral and ethically based episodes that it will always be held dear to me

  8. Robert

    STTNG – because it really was groundbreaking, and paved the way for all the sophisticated, contemporary SF we now have on TV.

  9. Veronica

    Star Trek Enterprise, pioneers of early space travel and explorers in their own right, let the fun and exploration of the galaxy begin to something great, along for the ride, glad I’m in my armchair.

  10. Richard Harrison

    Cripplingly hard to choose but I prefer Deep Space Nine overall. I love the characters who are slightly more flawed than usual with a bit more interpersonal conflict. Also love how there are consequences to their actions, they don’t just fly in and then vanish at the end of the episode.

  11. David Braybrooke

    Star Trek: The Original Series was the best as it often dealt with weightier matters than any of the following series. A groundbreaking show with fantastic actors like William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy and DeForest Kelley.

  12. Amanda

    In Star Trek Generations the old and new come together, so the force may live on forever and ever!

  13. Chris Jacobson

    I would have to say the first one,with Captain Kirk & Spock,I loved that show & would watch it every time over & over,never got sick of it

  14. Ivan Tye

    Star Trek The Original Series from 1966 to 1969. I first watched it in the late 1980’s on VHS tapes and was totally hooked on space adventures. For its time it was an amazing TV series, there was nothing else like it. I view it as the father of space adventure films.

  15. Christopher King

    Star Trek The Original Series remains my favourite. I was glued to the TV as a kid, enthralled and terrified, often at the same time. Kirk and his crew made a lasting impression on me. I ‘boldly go’ unto this day….

  16. Mitchell Hall

    The Original Series because this is where it begins, thousands of riffs on whether Trek or Star Wars wins.

  17. Patrick

    In Gene Roddenberry’s consept of futurist communism community utopianism also known as ”Star Trek” Star Trek Voyager was the best part of Roddenberry”s futurist concept to universally change the bygone era men are strong and women are weak gender mentality within a futurist society. Star Trek Voyager showed and fully swung open the doors for equal gender equality within all employment and the workplace, also in career achievement equal gender equality within courts and legal systems. As well taking equal gender roles within personal relationships, friendships and in parenting within society. In the Star Trek Voyager series there were no gender separatist male or female jobs or positions on voyager it was all equal gendered which made this series so unique. As for the characters Vice Admiral Kathryn Janeway, Kate Mulgrew was in my favorite captain, I liked her also in “‘Don’t throw Mama Off The Train” and now in the New Orange is Black. Also of course Seven of Nine Jeri Ryan non emotion yet no matter how Borg collective she was her humanity was much stronger. None of the voyager crew showed Misandry or Misogyny nor played on gender difference. As well Neelix Ethan Phillips showed it’s OK for a man to have creative gourmet flair within a kitchen. Before the Star Trek Voyager series there were never men on cooking shows nor women on home renovation shows on television like there is today.

  18. Caitlin

    DS9 is my favourite. It’s the most dynamic and dramatic of all of the series. The last episode made me cry.

  19. christine speight

    Star Trek The Original Series. I love the cockiness of Kirk that Shatner played so well against the logical Mr Spock who was portrayed excellently by Leonard Nimoy. It was just chemistry between the two that can never be copied. I also love how you always knew who was going to die………..don’t go down to a planet for the first time wearing a different coloured shirt!

  20. HL Choo

    The Next Generation. Because there is DATA, he’s ‘gold’. The strongest, most intelligent and funny android. If I could be like him in some parts, I’ll be happy.

  21. Arnie

    Star Trek The Next Generation – the moral and ethical issues addressed in this series makes it the most gripping for me. Captain Picard plays a huge roll in achieving this.
    And watching it as a young adolescent at the time I like to think it has helped set my moral compass for life.

  22. Gregory clarke

    The original is the best i grew up watching it and at 62 i still think it can’t be beat .If it wasn’t the best there would be no other series made to carry on the name.

  23. Madeleine

    My favourite Star Trek series would have to be Voyager. It was the first Star Trek series that I ever watched and is what got me into the Star Trek franchise. The show had the first ever female captain in the series, which was inspiring to watch as a child, and the dynamic characters, such as a holographic doctor and reformed borg, made the show unique when compared to all the other series.

  24. Stipe Dugandzic

    Coming home from school,sprinting knowing my favourite show would start soon,Star Trek the original,lost in the travels of the Enterprise,then after the show ended,out I’d go and gather my neighbourhood friends to re enact the our version of the show,we acted out every episode(without the commercials).Even though my love is the original I’ve seen and enjoyed all the ones that have come.To the men and woman of Star Trek I thank you,my youth was fulfilled.Nerdalicious,you guys rock,Thankyou for all you stories.

  25. Janelle Dowton

    The original Star Trek broke new ground,
    When this story line was found.
    Of space travel we find fascination,
    This series went beyond expectation!

  26. Caitlin

    If I go based on each series as a whole, I have to pick ST: Voyager. I grew up watching it with my family and I love Janeway; the holographic Doctor; Nelix; and Seven of Nine.
    However, I just adore Picard and Data from ST:TNG and can’t leave them unmentioned. Star Trek is one of the catalysts which turned me into the giant nerd I am today and I love it.

  27. Barry Johnson

    TOS. While a few episodes haven’t aged well, most explored confronting philosophical ideas in an age when this was a real risk and challenge.

  28. Ted

    Enterprise had that frontier spirit, and the best special special effects!

  29. Sharon Johnson

    Star Trek The Original Series is my favourite as the original always has substance and can’t be replicated. Adventure that can’t be matched.

  30. Kim M

    When space was television’s final frontier, the original Star Trek boldly went where no series had gone before:
    The future.
    Fifty years.
    Warp speed.

  31. Scott Crumlin

    Due to the essence of Science Fiction that was progressive, raw and advanced for TV of it’s time, Star Trek The Original Series. The budget and special effects were very well done, but still let the viewers’ imagination embellish them. The stories mixed humanity and alien perception. My all time favourite episode was when Spock mind melds with a rock life form. That to me showed genuine foresight into space exploration and other worlds. EVEN a rock could be an alien. First series was the best, not all about action, it was about concepts.

  32. Danielle Harvey

    Star Trek the Animated Series, to add an extra touch of talent to a classic, and everything can be made better with a little animation!

  33. Joe

    Star Trek: Voyager, because there’s the Janeway or the wrong way

  34. Kevin Mahoney

    Star Trek The Next Generation is my favourite series, why?.. because of the way those characters interact with each other, from the chain of command, the underlying love interests between Doctor Beverly Crusher and Captain Jean-Luc Picard, between Commander William Riker and Deanna Troi, the seriousness from Worf and the humour, from Data trying to learn the “way of being human”, watching Wesley grow up in the series from the first time he was allowed on the Bridge and then an acting Ensign to passing Starfleet Academy. Not forgetting Geordi La Forge who’s insight into sight gave us a different view of life how we see it and Whoopi Goldberg as Guinan lent us to answers when things got tough personally, Q’s sudden appearance testing the Enterprise’s crew and their fortitude, The Holodeck and the possibilities of entertainment.
    Star Trek The Next Generation gave us discoveries, planetary, technology and life beyond our solar system, it showed us the ways of the Klingon and their culture and Worf’s learning curve, we saw Romulans, the Borg and the shifty and not so smart Ferengi.
    Star Trek The Next Generation , thank you for the great and long lasting memories.

  35. Kathleen

    The Original Series establishes the two most crucial elements of the Star Trek ethos: The show is set in a utopian future in which divides based on race, gender, and nationality are a thing of the past (reflected in the unprecedented diversity of the main cast), and it uses the lens of alien cultures to comment on contemporary issues. So while humanity may have ended bigotry, the half-black, half-white aliens of the planet Cheron are still torn apart by prejudice. That allows Star Trek to both imagine a better world and comment on the harsher realities of our real one.

  36. Hannah Gleeson

    The original Star Trek because much of the created technology on the series actually became things that we use today!

  37. jason holmes

    I woul have to say #1 would be STar Trek: The Next Generation.

    I grew up on that series, loved the cast and the show in general.

  38. Dawn Dorries

    Has to be Star Trek The Original Series because nothing beats or compares to the original.

  39. Paul

    ST TNG:
    My DATA tells me this was the best series…
    TROI as they might, the other series just don’t cut it…
    This series La-FORGE-d its way into lounge rooms around the world (well, our world…) and gave USS so much entertainment…
    Lame effects? Well WHOOPI – do! It had great story lines…
    It should be a LORE for all Trekkies to watch this in full!
    With any LUC, it will be…

  40. Tanya Nolan

    Whilst I love each series I think that Voyager is my favorite with Next Gen a close second. Janeway broke new ground like each series has but she was also gifted with a great sense of fun and could anyone look past 7 of 9? she was certainly a show stopper. The new movies are fabulous and have reignited my love for them all.

  41. sacha pech

    The original was my favourite. It was breaking new ground and the universe was largely unknown. It engaged my imagination and started a love of sci-fi from an early age.

  42. Melissa Turner

    Star Trek The Next Generation because I grew up daydreaming of the day I would join the crew as a cadet and then Wesley Crusher and I would get married.

  43. Kell

    Oh Golly it’s our Sunday night dinner Argument ….I am Original all the way, Captain Kirk and the Enterprise ….but my children are Next Gen; I thought I raised them better??????

  44. blake haugen

    Star Trek the original series. The time when Spock didnt eat. He had a plate in the middle of his stomach, and he fed off any energy that struck this special plate

  45. Mich F

    Deep Space 9 was the best. Many others don’t agree and I think it’s because of its start during Next Gen that it didn’t get the love it deserved… from Sisko starting out as a Commander (or I guess LT if you count the VERY start) to his rise to Captain all while being the figure of a religious movement that eventually helped to lay the groundwork for a race to one day join the Federation… everyone talks about Picard’s unparalleled diplomatic ability and Kirk’s dive into action tactics, but Sisko had all that and kicked butt in his own way.

  46. Mikaela C

    Star Trek The Original Series because it’s the first one I watched and fell in love with!

  47. Martin Barrett

    Star Trek Next Generation. Data the Android was an interesting and compelling character to watch because he was searching to be human the whole series

  48. Emma Lunn

    Star Trek TNG – as Picard is true to his word when he said he would ‘Baldly’ go where no person has been before! Got to love someone who leads by example!

  49. Roberto Colombi

    I’m torn between the Original and TNG – the original in terms of ideas, concept, originality and effects still stand the test of time even today but TNG had a super cool captain in Picard, interesting non-human characters such as Data & Worf, and cooler uniforms… so by a whisker Set my Phasers on Fun and it’s Next Generation just a Light Year ahead!

  50. Michael Carroll

    Star Trek Enterprise,
    It is such a surprise,
    I loved to watch its demise,
    Which I analysed.

  51. Monique

    Life was never easy growing up, but a happy fond memory i have was sitting with my brother watching Star Trek Voyager, one of the only times we didn’t fight and it was something that connected us in a positive way!! #ThanksStarTrek

  52. Tess Howard

    Star Trek Voyager is my favourite. As always, great story lines, but can’t help but silently be happy for a kick ass woman captain. Captain Janeway shows that us girls can rock it as scifi geeks too.

  53. Sharon Trendle

    Next Gen – because I loved Jordy and who can go past Patrick Stewart as the captain “engage”.

  54. Shazza

    A dream that became a reality and spread throughout the stars.
    Star Trek The Original Series is the best by far.

  55. Vicki McKenzie

    Voyager remains my favourite. Who doesn’t dream of being a Captain or even a member of the crew (I’d stand for eight hours at the Transporter console). Kathryn Janeway was the most relatable character for me. (Similarly to Picard), the distinctive voice of authority was reassuring. The highlight episodes Year of Hell represents the tenacity, strength, humour and self-sacrifice that is the mantle of Star Trek.

  56. Becky Downey

    I’ve watched them all and love them all but I’m especially fond of Voyager. That lady had a lot to overcome – thrown into the Delta Quadrant far away, had to incorporate some rebel crew, keep order, boldly try and get home, try and not get killed and manage Neelix.

  57. Kristina S

    Star Trek the Original, before my time I have watched it as reruns. It’s a classic and can appeal even to today’s audiences. The costumes and sets were amazing for their time and story lines and plots that never disappoint.

  58. Elisabeth Martins

    Star Trek: The Original Series because It was first. “Star Trek” was the first time we met Spock, Bones or Capt. Kirk — the logical brain, the beating heart and the swashbuckling synthesis of the two

  59. sam

    Voyager – because of the high evolvement of the Borg. I mean what other series could be better.

  60. Bella Ri

    I love the Original! Not only did it begin my love for Star Trek, but it’s a classic, which the little ones enjoy!

  61. Helly Millett

    Next Gen was the first of the series my fiance introduced me to. I love the strong characters and subtle humour.

  62. ah

    Deep Space Nine. I loved the setting, characters, and the adherence to a generally continuous plot throughout the entire series instead of the encounter of the week War and religion were handled in a way never really seen in Star Trek before that showed that not every part of the galaxy was a peaceful utopia

  63. Louise T

    To pick would be like asking which one of your children is your favourite. They each have a special place in my heart, with different attributes and strengths. OK, who am I kidding??!!? My oldest child (Star Trek The Original Series) is extra special, introducing me to an amazing journey of #trekkiedom

  64. Linda Courtney

    They are all great, but Star Trek The Original Series is by far the best. Back with the originals, captain Kirk, Spock and the gang.

  65. Keith Asher

    The Original Series is my Favourite you see,
    cause they travel the galaxy at warp speed!

  66. Tony Iomazzo

    Next Gen…Patrick Stewart as Capt. Pickard was pure genius , the choice of cast was first class and each actor and character stands up and gives there all. The cast is written really well and the depth of stories fantastic… It made me think very deeply (given it was a sc-fi fiction show) about societal issues and as a teenager at the time helped me to moderate some of my own views on racial issues, gay rights, artificial intelligence, respecting differing views, euthanasia, bisexuality, and politics.

  67. Russ Warren

    I don’t think I really realise I was a geek until I started watching Star Trek. I loved it. Once ‘Best of Both Worlds’ hit, Star Trek: the Next Generation cemented itself as the best of the Star Trek franchise.

    Although similar to previous series, it was also very different. Everything looked newer and was sleeker, for one thing, no more buttons, it was all touch screen! Picard was a more collaborative captain, whereas Kirk was authoritarian. They seemed to have a very different mission. This Enterprise explored less. It had become a diplomatic power sent in to end in conflicts within the Federation. The crew had different chemistry. Picard was in charge, but he entered in to discussion with his crew more.

    It’s time we got a new series for the small screen.

  68. N Hamilton

    The tighter the uniforms, the less likely we’d see a better episode. The longer Worf’s hair became, the better the episode. TNG for me!

  69. Sarahmary

    Star Trek The Animated Series! What can i say, im a big kid at heart and there’s no better version than cartoon/animation. It puts a unique spin on things and brings more possibilities.

  70. Tracy

    I’m a Trekkie from years ago, so for me, the original series is the bomb. As a kid, I dreamed of traveling the stars as a Science officer, helping Mr Spock and having a tribble as a pet! Ah, good times!

  71. Nata Glavan

    Star Trek The Original Series, I loved thee,
    Full of action and total esprit,
    Watching the cast, the missions was always a pleasure,
    A moment my family and I will teasure.

  72. Marie Reid

    Star Trek, The Next Generation. Patrick Stewart, great writing, all sorts of contentious social issues tackled and… did I mention Patrick Stewart *drool*.

  73. Vera D

    I love all the series and my favourite is Star Trek Deep Space Nine. I would love to live like that with many different species to get to know and their outlooks about space.

  74. Jeannine Barrett

    Star Trek Voyager is my favourite series. Captain Janeway, the only woman captain of all the series, kicked butt from beginning to end.

  75. Patricia Payne

    Star Trek The Original Series because it reminds me of my mum and the nice times we had watching it together…


    Generations is the best! I loved the crew more in that series than the others which made it more enjoyable to watch 🙂

  77. Lyndel Rowe

    “The Original Series because of 2 things, most importantly because without the original there probably would have been no Next Generation, DS9, Voyager or Enterprise…and secondly because it was the only one with SPOCK!!”

  78. Samuel

    My favorite star trek series would have to be deep space nine! I really loved the darker side to the universe explored with the war it was very cool

  79. Olga Hughes

    Thanks everyone, entries are now closed and we will be contacting the winners shortly!