Doctor Who: The Witch’s Familiar Top Ten


Death is For Other People Dear


Well, we certainly weren’t left in suspense wondering how Clara and Missy would get out of being Exterminated. And it actually was just another teleportation trick. I really was holding out for something more elaborate. Although this time we were treated to a full explanation of how, demonstrated with the First, Fourth and Twelfth Doctor. And a glimpse of vampire monkeys.

You’ve all Had This Exact Same Nightmare


The Doctor zooming about cracking jokes in Davros’s chair is not an image you’re going to forget in a hurry.

A Puncture in a Bad Neighbourhood


Here Missy showing off her truly evil side again, just when you want to like her. Firstly she quite casually murders one of the most dangerous beings in the universe, “it’s our golf dear” she crows at Clara. Then she ruthlessly mocks it as it dies, so much so you almost feel sorry for the Dalek. Two revelations here. Missy drops a line about her ‘daughter’. But I am not at all sure that the revelation that Daleks can’t die, only grow older and angrier, works.

Into the Dalek


What can’t a Dalek say? Their name. Or “I love you”? Sound like someone we know?

This was a really interesting glimpse inside the Dalek psyche, especially ‘learning’ that the cry of ‘Exterminate’ reloads the Daleks weapons.

Not a Good Doctor


Every scene between the Doctor and Davros was, again, stunning. The absolute highlight of The Magician’s Apprentice and The Witch’s Familiar has been watching the exchange between these two old foes, along with the double and triple-crossing in this episode. The sequence of Davros allegedly seeking redemption was superbly done, with a nod to the Doctor’s “Am I a good man?” question, and to Rose’s Dalek who wanted to see the sun after it was ‘infected’ with her DNA.

The Hybrid


Was the ‘hybrid’ prophecy a device just for this episode, or are we going to hear about it again? After all, the Doctor is also a good Dalek.

There was a prophecy, Doctor, on your own world.It spoke of a hybrid creature. Two great warrior races forced together to create a warrior greater than either. Is that what you ran from, Doctor? Your part in the coming of the hybrid? Half Dalek, half Time Lord!

I Show Mercy


The first (and last) scene of the episode to feature the Doctor, Missy and Clara was gripping. We can’t be quite sure if Missy was trying to trick the Doctor into killing Clara out of a desire to have the Doctor all to herself, or if she simply wanted to cause the Doctor pain – and I am leaning towards the latter. Clara managed to finally communicate with the Doctor with that one word, ‘mercy’.

Your Sewers Are Revolting


Missy had some awesome lines in this episode but the Doctor wins with the best pun.

Wearable Technology


I am not quite convinced by the Sonic Sunglasses, that is if they’re here to stay, but if anyone can pull it off Peter Capaldi can.

Always Mercy


Could you kill that child? This is the decision the Doctor has been wrestling with over the last two episodes. And of course he couldn’t. We should always expect the Doctor to find another way.