Adventure Time is the cartoon that combines the imaginative spirit of old fashioned RPGs and platform video games sensibilities in a rubbery post apocalyptic Candyland. Best buddies Finn The Human and Jake The Dog, along with Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King, Lumpy Space Princess, Lady Rainicorn, Beemo The Game Computer, Marceline The Vampire Queen and a host of other characters mix it up with general goofiness. Always surreal, often hilarious, sometimes poignant, Adventure Time is a unique pop culture experience.

Thanks to Madman Entertainment we’re giving away the first three seasons of Adventure Time on Blu-Ray. Now the annoying bit. Yes you have to do something, butt chickens, otherwise how else will we know who the Glob you are?

Comment below and on our Facebook where you see this article floop the pig with the hashtag #Iloveyoueverythingburritonerdalicious.

On the 21st of February a winner will be selected at random based on various esoteric mathamatic calculations and the roll of an 8 side dice.



41 Responses

  1. C S Hughes

    I did say to use the hashtag on Facebook and to comment below, but whatevs, butt chickens.

  2. Kristy

    genration gap… all of my kids love this show I’m still trying to figure it out :/

  3. B Blaylock

    “Nuts, I’m freakin’ all about sugar… but I’m even more all about feeding hobos!” – Finn Season 1 Episode 20 – Freak City

  4. Siang Lim

    My fate is in your hands, 8-sided dice. Roll like you’ve never rolled before.

  5. Daniella lindsay

    I must must have this for my adventure time obsessed daughter PLEASE 🙂


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