Twin Peaks: Laura Palmer Is Back And Nobody Noticed

oK. We’ve had interdimensional nuclear hobos, assassin dwarves, retarded Cooper proving to be a better husband and employee than everyone else in Las Vegas. Headless teleporting bodies, and David Bowie as an enormous tea kettle giving a phone number to evil Cooper. Our beloved Audrey has come back as a fishwife with an evil son and a dwarf husband. Amongst myriad other twisted shenanigans. David Lynch is certainly getting his revenge on the studios, and we love it. But the big question is; where is Laura Palmer? After all, didn’t she promise she would see us again in 25 years?

And isn’t that gorgeous tall blonde dancing front and centre at the Roadhouse stage each week Sheryl Lee, aka Laura Palmer?

Then again, looks can be deceiving.

The ever gorgeous Sheryl Lee.