Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding Causes Worldwide Anguish

Thrice Damn you George

Thrice Damn you George

Warning: This contains spoilers for Episode Nine: The Rains of Castamere!

Having already suffered through the Red Wedding once,  I was in no hurry for the latetst episode didn’t watch the Raines of Castamere until sometime after three a.m.,

“Imagine how the poor people who haven’t read the book are going to react,” C.S. remarked, and I started to laugh, then remembered my own reaction after reading the book. I told him when I was actually reading the scene in the book I was silently screaming “NO NO NO”, then started reading on feverishly hoping to get to a part in the book where it suddenly wasn’t true, and then spent at least half a day wandering around in a daze, swinging between bouts of rage and anguished grief.

I actually think it would be worse seeing it for the first time rather than reading it. If the reactions from fans uploaded to You Tube are any indication…we feel your pain. You poor, poor things.



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  1. Jerry Pilato

    I am sick. Granted it was in the book which I haven’t read but for that scene to end the way it did almost made not want to see any new episodes. I can’t believe that even R.R. Martin woudl have wanted to write the stroy in this direction. All the crap heads survive and the decent people are killed off..whats with that!

    • Olga

      I have to admit it was sickening, especially Talisa. She’s not actually in the book (she’s a made-for-TV character) but seeing that was just brutal.
      Hold onto hope, we still have a handful of Starks left.

      • Krzysztof Romańczukiewicz

        “Talisa” was not in the book, althou there is a character she was based on – Jeyne form the house Westerling (which at this point is loyal to the Lannisters).

        Also – the most crucial thing to know for the people that are not reading the books – Starks are NOT the main characters of the plot. Never were, never will be. They are one of the houses that got into the storm and been mostly killed of because of their honourable reasoning, which – as you may see – is not well suited for the actions taking place in Westeros.

        If you will look deeper, you will find positive characters to hold on, or you will live on hating the bad ones. Don’t worry, there’s enough steel, poison and general misfortune for everyone 🙂

        READ THE BOOKS! 🙂

      • Tharkz

        You say the starks aren’t main charecters, yet compared to what some of them are becoming, I’m betting the story will come full circle in the end. Starks being there at the end with their aquired skills.

        By the principle of acorn to rotten log, one of the Stakrs already (by book 5) posses the power to gaze into the “end times”.

        They might not be the main charecters of the story, but I do believe them to be of the plot.

      • Krzysztof Romańczukiewicz

        I didn’t say they are not relevant. I just simply stated that they are not the main characters or as important as some people see Starks were/are/would be. Two more books to come, we shall see. Cheers.

    • Foreverett

      George R.R. Martin actually had such a tough time writing that scene, that he had to skip over it and finish the 3rd book before going back and actually writing it. It was a powerful scene to read.

  2. C S Hughes
    C S Hughes

    The books, and the TV series, both have a huge list of central characters, and of those the Starks begin as the heroes of the story, and indeed their honour is their downfall. If they weren’t the main characters their unexpected and gruesome deaths would not be so outrageous.

    • Krzysztof Romańczukiewicz

      Their deaths were so outrageous because they were the most honourable and likable characters. Simple as that as I can see. But isn’t Tyrion a likable character? Wanting good but always showed as the demon imp to the people of Westeros because of his father or sister doings?

      • Olga

        Tyrion isn’t considered a demon imp because of his family, his own family loathes him. Tyrion is considered a demon because of his size. The medieval attitudes towards any disability or disfigurement were obviously not the same as ours, they considered it a deformity and usually the work of evil. Some even considered disfigurements in children the fault of the parents for sinning.
        George has made him an anti-hero, not just despite who his family is, but because we have different attitudes.
        Of course in his television creation they’ve picked a handsome man to play him and haven’t lopped off his nose, which also helps.

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