Game of Thrones: The Red Wedding Causes Worldwide Anguish

Thrice Damn you George
Thrice Damn you George

Warning: This contains spoilers for Episode Nine: The Rains of Castamere!

Having already suffered through the Red Wedding once,  I was in no hurry for the latetst episode didn’t watch the Raines of Castamere until sometime after three a.m.,

“Imagine how the poor people who haven’t read the book are going to react,” C.S. remarked, and I started to laugh, then remembered my own reaction after reading the book. I told him when I was actually reading the scene in the book I was silently screaming “NO NO NO”, then started reading on feverishly hoping to get to a part in the book where it suddenly wasn’t true, and then spent at least half a day wandering around in a daze, swinging between bouts of rage and anguished grief.

I actually think it would be worse seeing it for the first time rather than reading it. If the reactions from fans uploaded to You Tube are any indication…we feel your pain. You poor, poor things.