Is Missy Dead?


Well no of course not. I was fretting there for a moment but of course, as Moffat joked on Extra, in Anthony Ainley’s era the Master had been killed over and over and would come back with the simple of explanation of “I escaped”. “Suits me,” grinned Moffat. Suits us fine too. So the blue flash from the Brigadiers death blow may have been the same blue haze we saw around Missy when she teleported. Of course she no longer had the bracelet, but you know. We can assume, or rather hope, she escaped. And now we just have to learn how she managed to escape from Gallifrey.

Is Clara Pregnant?


Hell no. Don’t you dare. Don’t you dare.

The Orson Pink Conundrum


Is what is leading to the soap-operatic explanation that Clara may be pregnant. Because we have living proof of Clara and Danny’s continued relationship in Danny’s future doppelganger Orson Pink. I expect a somewhat more creative resolution from Moffat of course. At first I thought Death in Heaven was going to end with the Doctor erasing time. Which leads to…

Is Osgood Dead?


As usual I was confident in my incorrect prediction so when Osgood was vaporised by Missy I calmly assumed she’d be back at the end of the episode when the Doctor erased time. I had to grieve when I watched it the second and third time. So I insist, if I have to put up with Danny Pink being brought back, Osgood must be part of the bargain. You can’t drop a hint that Osgood will be travelling in the TARDIS in the future and then take her away from us…

Where is Gallifrey?


Despite the fact that the Doctor reversed his decision to burn Gallifrey in Day of the Doctor and hid it in a pocket of space instead, we were told the Doctor would not immediately go off and search for Gallifrey, and in The Time of the Doctor he was forced to leave Gallifrey where it was. Seeing his dreadful grief when he found out Missy deceived him about the location of Gallifrey was heart-wrenching.

The Doctor had refused to let the Time Lords out of Gallifrey when they were trying to reach him on Trenzalore. The Doctor had to decide whether to let them languish imprisoned in a pocket universe or let them out and risk starting the Time War again. He had to leave the Time Lords trapped. The decision must weigh on him, not as much as slaughtering the whole planet, but when the Time Lords sent the Doctor a new set of regenerations they also sealed off the crack in the universe that allowed them to reach him. We assumed they have been trapped forever. Will the Doctor try and find Gallifrey again next season?

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  1. jasmine

    I really regret the absence of the Time Lords and Gallifrey. Still, with this sort of show, bending time, erasing time, travelling back in time before an event etc gives lots of options for the writers to do practically whatever they want.

    • Olga Hughes

      I think the writers must have a bit of a sense of reckless freedom with that universe – but I love it.
      I would love to see Gallifrey addressed again. I felt a bit cheated after Time of the Doctor.

      • jasmine

        The thing that always puzzles me, if the Time Lords can control time, how come they didn’t know about the Time Wars and the (possible) destruction of Gallifrey?

      • Olga Hughes

        Ah difficult questions 🙂 I’m not sure they wanted to stop it though, do you remember Tennant’s last episodes (End of Time)? It was revealed the Time Lords wanted to allow the destruction of the universe and become beings of conciousness.

  2. jasmine

    I think it is difficult, story-wise, if you create an all powerful, all-seeing set of characters, because you have to do the writing equivalent of cartwheels in order to bring credibility to the story-line which develops later. The Doctor, being the last Time Lord, being one problem. Now we know, he is not. Gallifrey had been destroyed. Now it is not. Gallifrey was lost. Now it is not. The writers have to come up with valid and logical reasons to explain the change of direction.

    What about the Face of Bo?

    • Olga Hughes

      The Face of Boe died during the Tenth Doctor/Martha series, and he told the Doctor he was not the last Time Lord. I think they may have been deciding how to bring Gallifrey back for some time.
      The Time War happened off-screen. There are years of audio books, print books and comic strips than were published after the TV series had been cancelled and Paul McGann was playing the Eighth Doctor. So they have a vast universe and hundreds of stories to draw on.


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