Madman Studio Ghibli Blu-Ray & DVD Giveaway!

Thanks to Madman, local experts in all things anime, and distributors of the best in anime, independent and international film and TV, and to celebrate the release of the Limited Edition of Hayao Miyazaki’s epic final masterpiece, The Wind Rises, and the Anniversary Editions of Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service, we are giving away 3 Studio Ghibli Collection Blu-Rays and 3 Studio Ghibli Collection DVDs.

To win a copy of one of these classic works of genius from Studio Ghibli, simply find one of the unboxing videos elsewhere on Nerdalicious, and tell us something interesting about the video you watched in the comments below.

To make it easy here are links to the articles with the videos.

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Wind Rises

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Don’t have time to watch a 3 minute video? Read our article on Four Books We’d Like To See Made By Studio Ghibli, and tell us your own suggestion of a book you wish they would make into a film.

We are giving away The Studio Ghibli Collection Editions, which are the next best thing to the Limited and Anniversary Editions. If you want the special editions they will be available until sold out at your favourite DVD retailers. There’s more information on where you get them in our Studio Ghibli Unboxing articles. You can also explore the rest of Madman’s catalogue online by clicking somewhere here. Such wonders to behold!

Here’s the boring bits. There are very few Rules and Conditions. Entries are accepted worldwide, but keep in mind the Blu-Rays are region free, but the DVDs are region 4. International readers can enter to win the DVDs, but you may need a multi-region player to view them.

Entries will be accepted until midday on the 30th January Australian Eastern Standard Time. The winners will be the best entries chosen at random as determined by our esteemed editors. Winners will be contacted by email. If a winner’s email doesn’t work at the time we make contact, and we don’t receive a reply in a timely manner (5 days), a new winner will be chosen. And so on and so forth. Here’s a tip: if you are just repeating what someone else has already said, you are unlikely to be successful in your endeavours. See? it pays to read to near the end. You can enter once for each video, and if you have a preference of which DVD or Blu-Ray you want to win, mention it in your answer. Have a bit of fun. Here are pictures.

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