Thanks to Madman, local experts in all things anime, and distributors of the best in anime, independent and international film and TV, and to celebrate the release of the Limited Edition of Hayao Miyazaki’s epic final masterpiece, The Wind Rises, and the Anniversary Editions of Howl’s Moving Castle and Kiki’s Delivery Service, we are giving away 3 Studio Ghibli Collection Blu-Rays and 3 Studio Ghibli Collection DVDs.

To win a copy of one of these classic works of genius from Studio Ghibli, simply find one of the unboxing videos elsewhere on Nerdalicious, and tell us something interesting about the video you watched in the comments below.

To make it easy here are links to the articles with the videos.

Howl’s Moving Castle

The Wind Rises

Kiki’s Delivery Service

Don’t have time to watch a 3 minute video? Read our article on Four Books We’d Like To See Made By Studio Ghibli, and tell us your own suggestion of a book you wish they would make into a film.

We are giving away The Studio Ghibli Collection Editions, which are the next best thing to the Limited and Anniversary Editions. If you want the special editions they will be available until sold out at your favourite DVD retailers. There’s more information on where you get them in our Studio Ghibli Unboxing articles. You can also explore the rest of Madman’s catalogue online by clicking somewhere here. Such wonders to behold!

Here’s the boring bits. There are very few Rules and Conditions. Entries are accepted worldwide, but keep in mind the Blu-Rays are region free, but the DVDs are region 4. International readers can enter to win the DVDs, but you may need a multi-region player to view them.

Entries will be accepted until midday on the 30th January Australian Eastern Standard Time. The winners will be the best entries chosen at random as determined by our esteemed editors. Winners will be contacted by email. If a winner’s email doesn’t work at the time we make contact, and we don’t receive a reply in a timely manner (5 days), a new winner will be chosen. And so on and so forth. Here’s a tip: if you are just repeating what someone else has already said, you are unlikely to be successful in your endeavours. See? it pays to read to near the end. You can enter once for each video, and if you have a preference of which DVD or Blu-Ray you want to win, mention it in your answer. Have a bit of fun. Here are pictures.

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49 Responses

  1. Jade O

    I’d love to see a Ghibli version of the Never-ending Story. So many great parts were cut out of the original movie and although the TV series kept some of the aspects of the book it felt like something was missing. A Ghibli animation would be amazing and dream like.

    BluRay and any film would be great. I love them all!

  2. B Blaylock

    I would love to win the Blu-Ray of Howl’s Moving Castle. I’d love to see a Ghibli version of Maphead by Lesley Howarth. Brilliant book.

  3. Bec B

    I’d like to see something set in a palace in history. Like a Marie Antoinette movie. My favourite book series is ‘Seahorses’ by Louise cooper and I’d love those made into animated movies

  4. Carmel

    I’d like to win a DVD of Kiki’s Delivery Service, so family anime fans can play it on their TVs with built in DVD players. Plus I don’t think we’ve seen it.

    I have 2 very different book series I’d like to see Studio Ghibli make.

    First is Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy. I know it’s had part 1 as a cinema release, but that didn’t satisfy me, they didn’t get it right, or as right as I imagined when reading & loving the books.

    Second is Stephen King’s Dark Tower series. I have doubts that the movies & connecting TV series will ever be made, as much as Ron Howard wants them to be. At 7 books long it would make an awesome Ghibli series of movies, very much my idea of making sure yet another director doesn’t stuff up stories that I spent a fair proportion of my life reading & loving, as they usually stuff up Stephen King stories (Shawshank Redemption is the best exception to that).

  5. Melissa

    I’ve never seen a Studio Ghibli movie, but your unboxing videos and article have me enthralled! A couple of books I’d love to see brought to life from my childhood are Mary Tannen’s “Wizard Children of Finn” & the sequel “The Lost Legend of Finn”. They have adventure, time travel, magic, culture, battles, love & loss. Set in Ireland 839 A.D. 2 modern children are transported back through time by a spell, discovering the magic of their ancestors, unravelling the mystery of their family history as they quest to find a way home – “Basing the story on an ancient legend, ‘The Boyhood of Finn’, Mary Tannen has woven an epic story filled with irresistable characters. Rich with pageantry and brimming with humour and excitement, it holds us in its spell.” – The Wizard Children of Finn, Mary Tannen, 1981. I imagine I’d love Howl’s Moving Castle best out of them all (Blu-Ray or DVD), or Kiki’s Delivery Service.

  6. Erin

    Something interesting I found in the Kiki’s Delivery Service unboxing video was the slideshow in the background, with the various logos in it. Although every once in a while, I noticed that the image would be flipped in some way, especially in regards to the image of the Ghibli and Madman logos side by side. I would probably prefer the DVD copy (however Blu-ray would still be great) of Howl’s Moving Castle, or The Wind Rises.

  7. Tiffanie

    I think I would definitely like to see a sequel to Howl’s moving castle. Every time I rewatch I find small details that I missed the first time.


    These are new for me and my family so will look forward to exploring their content. Thankyou.

    • C S Hughes

      Thanks for your comment Richard, but to win you have to say something about one of the Unboxing Videos, or mention a book you would love to see made by Studio Ghibli, and why.

  9. Jessica Ashbrooke

    I’d love to see an animated version of over the river and through the woods just so I don’t have to read the damn thing over 20 times a day. I’d love to win these in either bluray or DVD.

  10. Scott Crumlin

    After MAKING the time to watch The Howl’s Moving Castle Unboxing video I was VERY glad that I did. The white glove treatment was appropriate for this work of entertaining art that’s taken a lot of talented, inspired people many, many hours to put together. I liked the way it all opens up and like a veritable Aladdin’s Cave, more and more just keeps appearing. The most interesting thing I saw was the Limited Edition Heen The Ancient Magical Dog Figure; I’d RELISH that on my desk and ‘pat’ it FREQUENTLY! Ofcourse the book with the spectacular artwork was also something to make me drool. All in all a delightful and SUPER little ‘epic’ displaying a box FILLED with magic that I would love to able to enjoy so many times myself, and with friends in my home! : ) A treasure of substantial magical proportions!

  11. Amylee

    I love Howls moving Castle,as well as The wind rises,my kids have all these movies including My neighbour Totoro.all these movies are so heartwarming,Realsitic and yet imaginative and innocent at the same time.a pleasure to watch for adults and children alike 🙂

  12. Ronald Oliver

    Thanks for having the Studio Ghibli Blu-ray and DVD Giveaway! This is amazing! In the unboxing video for Howl’s Moving Castle, what I found interesting was I had noticed that the individual doing the exquisite unboxing was wearing white gloves! The kind that Curators would use. 🙂 Excellent! The care and handling that was taken for the unboxing of the valued (and coveted) collectible was top notch! (and entertaining!) It’s really a great set! One I would (and everyone else here) be most excited to win!

  13. Ben FEllows

    I’d love to see a Ghibli version of the Never-ending Story!!
    The never-ending story was awesome but looking back at it now it was super weird and they missed out tones from the book. I just know that studio Ghibli would nail it and it would be timeless.
    So keen for any Ghibli films, I love them all!

  14. Julie

    I would love to see my favourite book of all time, “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett, done by Studio Ghibli. I’ve recently re-read this, it is such a gentle flowing story and once you start it, it is hard to put down.

  15. Sonya

    After watching that clip… ‘I’m in love with this box set!…’ I’ve never seen a set like it, beautiful book and post cards all included and am loving that crystal sphere!..

  16. Jenny L

    We’ve been lucky to watch Howl’s Moving Castle a few times over the years but have only hired it and would love to win it to enjoy always.

    • C S Hughes

      You’d be even luckier if you read the instructions on the very easy steps to take to win.

  17. hellen waltam

    i would love a copy of Howl’s Moving Castle on dvd, i’d love to see a Ghibli version of the harry potter movies

  18. Edie

    Watching the vid for Kikki’s Delivery Service I suddenly want some tea.. though I don’t drink tea 🙁 and I really want to ride on a broomstick.
    Though I have always wanted to ride on a broomstick… someone has to invent that one day, yeah??

  19. Kalai

    Our family loves Kiki’s Delivery service so of course this was the first video that I watched. First thing I noticed was the box was HUGE – I thought that maybe it contained an original VHS version! But once I saw all the goodies inside I could see why it was so large.

    The next thing I noticed (being a nerd myself) was that Anniversary was spelt incorrectly on the overlay and was missing an ‘r’.

    We’d love Kiki in either Blu-ray or DVD to replace our original VHS tape which well and truly wore out years ago 🙂

  20. Brioney

    I learnt it is the 10th Anniversary of Howl’s Moving Castle. It feels like it’s been in my life since forever (in a great way).

  21. Brett

    I would love to win the Blu-ray of The Wind Rises. While watching the video on the unboxing of The Wind Rises. I loved the juxtaposition (hoping that’s the right term) of unboxing Miyazaki’s last film to music that sounds very reminiscent of the score to his first feature film Nausicaa. I felt it was a wonderful tribute (intentional or not who knows) to the work of an animation master. Almost a full circle so to speak.

  22. Ross S

    I’d love to see Studio Ghibli take on the ghostly characters from Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’. Like many Ghibli creations it is nominally a children’s book but really is much more than that and I’m sure they could do it justice.

    I’d love to have Kiki’s Delivery Service in either format.

  23. Kate

    The Wind Rises DVD
    I’m interested in that cup of tea (or tea pot)
    I could sit and ponder the post cards while I sip and dodge planes.

  24. Rachel K

    I’d love to win Howl’s Moving Castle – blu-ray.

    I think a Studio Ghibli version of “The Hobbit” would be incredible – I’d love to see what Middle-Earth would look like through the eyes of these talented animators!

  25. Kristy

    I woul love to see ‘The Velveteen Rabbit (or How Toys Become Real) by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson. It is a charming story taking the ordinary and making it magical, with an underlying fable that relates to adults and children.

  26. Mick G

    I have always been intrigued by Howl’s Moving Castle but never actually watched it and after reading the Unboxing segment now more than ever as there’s more to it than I thought-not the standard curse story but a true adventure of self discovery

  27. Kirsty

    I would love to see a Studio Ghibli version of The Magic Faraway Tree.

    After watching the unboxing of Howls Moving Castle I really want to win that pack! Just so I can look through that book at all those magical drawings!

  28. Duncan

    Firstly, I’d just like to say how unique and truly special the Ghibli movies are 🙂

    What I found interesting in the video for “Unboxing The Studio Ghibli Howl’s Moving Castle Madman 10th Anniversary Box Set”:

    1. The Tea is way to close to the box – I wouldn’t want to risk damaging the packaging
    2. That is a wacky green vase you guys have 🙂
    3. The packaging is beautiful and really worthy of the box set.

    I would love “Howl’s Moving Castle” on Blu-ray 🙂

    🙂 D

  29. Bel

    Oh my goodness what a prize! The art is just too gorgeous as is and on blu ray they would be such a treat.

    I’m a big fan of the children’s book “Matilda” by Roald Dahl, it has such imagination. To see it animated would be brilliant as the characters have such spark and bounce off the screen, perfect for Studio Ghibli.

  30. Kathryn Jenkins

    Studio Ghibli, the unboxed videos, looks all exciting. I have never seen this, until now. I stumbled across this page and instantly became overwhelmed with what I should watch first.

  31. Siang Lim

    The Museum of Mary Child would make a great transition as a Ghibli film. There’s a lot of creative material to play with and it has a strong female lead.

    Would love the Blu-ray versions if I win.

  32. Becky Downey

    Howl’s Moving Castle: I watched that and thought the postcards were a nice touch (but who’d want to post such precious things!) and the dog figurine made me laugh. The high gloss book and colours inside looked spectacular.

  33. Alison Weidman

    I would love to win ‘The Wind Rises’ , I am a massive aeroplane fan so I can’t believe I have not watched this film yet. The unboxing ceremony is brilliant, the bronze coin and postcards are gorgeous! Also, I will definitely be sitting down with a cup of tea to watch this film – what a perfect Saturday night!

  34. Jamie

    I would love to see Cars, hook me up with what ever Blu-ray/DVD is left over please.

  35. Samantha sullivan

    The medal in the Kiki’s Delivery Service set has a tiny Jiji on it sitting on the back of the broom! A whole new level of awesome for an obviously awesome film! Love it!

  36. Lisa

    I would love to win a Studio Ghibli DVD.

    Clicking the link to watch the “The Wind Rises” unboxing I was unconvinced that I’d see anything exciting or special- I am delighted to say I was wrong!

    To be honest, I’m a little in awe of just how beautifully presented the DVD was in the box and pleasantly surprised at the variety of special Studio Ghibli items included in it. I have some Japanese friends who would just LOVE to receive a Ghibli postcard – whether or not I could part with them however remains a mystery!

  37. Red Rey

    A book I would love to see Studio Ghibli turn into a film is “First They Killed My Father” by Luong Ung. It is an autobiography of the author who’s family is dispossessed by the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. It is an emotional roller-coaster I imagine would be as affective as Grave of the Fireflies.

    P.S. Howl’s or Kiki’s please 🙂

  38. Shasta

    Goodness, what absolutely beautiful dvds! I would absolutely love to own either the Howl’s Moving Castle DVD or the Kiki’s Delivery Service DVD. I have loved both of these movies for years and years.

    So to make things orderly, here are my four entries:

    Howl’s Moving Castle DVD Unboxing: I noticed that they used the silhouette of the turnip-headed scarecrow as a kind of seal for this boxset — it appears both on the flap of the envelope containing the postcards and on the box with the little Heen figurine on it. On the box I thought maybe it was a す, but it’s not, it’s a scarecrow!

    The Wind Rises DVD Unboxing: Haha, with this one I mostly noticed that your little bird teapot is the CUTEST teapot I’ve ever seen! I didn’t even realise it was a teapot until you poured tea out of it. I am sad it is not included, I would love one.

    Kiki’s Delivery Service Unboxing: I noticed that in the art book, Kiki went through a LOT of hairstyles! However, even once they’d mostly finalised her design, it looks like she spent a fair while with red-brown hair and a yellow bow. It would have been cute, but not as cute as her eventual design, I think.

    Movies I would like to see Ghibli make: The list is long and varied. However, there are two sequels to Howl’s Moving Castle, and the second, House of Many Ways, is what I’d really like to see animated by Studio Ghibli. It has a strong-minded, short-tempered, scatty girl as the heroine, and Howl spends most of his time transformed into a four year old, wandering around lisping and charming everyone, and driving Sophie absolutely batty! What more could a person possibly want.

    • C S Hughes

      Thanks to everyone who participated, there were lots of interesting answers, far more than we had DVDs to give. We have notified the winners and sent your lovely Studio Ghibli Collection DVD/Blu-Rays today. We’ll be having more fun DVD, book and movie ticket giveaways throughout the year. So drop in for a look or subscribe to our email notifications.
      Shasta – who gave a great answer, we’re still waiting for you to reply so we can send your Blu-Ray. Cheerio.

      • Shasta

        Hey, just wanted to make sure you got my email! Thanks so much for the DVD.

  39. Jen Smith

    Simply loving The Art Of Howl’s Moving Castle, a 256p glossy hardcover book published by Viz Media that presents an close-up look at the creation of the film and the cup of tea !!!!!

  40. Jaclyn

    I have seen Howl’s moving castle a couple of times and love it . I would love to win this on DVD .
    I love these movies and it takes you to a whole new world .

  41. Sharon Gock

    The lion, the witch and the wardrobe would be a very fascinating film to watch if it were made into a Ghibli film.

  42. Celeste

    I would love to see Enid Blyton the magic faraway tree be made into a studio ghibli movie that would be magical
    In the videos I love the artwork of kiki’s delivery service I also love the little jiji on the medal I would love any Dvd set I love hayao Miyazaki he’s brillant I’m so sad that studio ghibli is no more

  43. Underdogge

    It’s not a book but a children’s comic strip; I would like to see a Ghibli film about Minnie the Minx, an anti-heroine that (many of) the British hold dear to their hearts. Minnie is the sort of girl who when she is given a scrap book uses it to bash other kids over the head (“scrap” is used as a slang word for fight in Britain). Minnie does have a statue in Dundee (where the comics were printed) but a film would be great. The lady who wrote the “Tracey Beaker” (another young anti-heroine) books is a Minnie the Minx fan.


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