Sad And Lonely At Christmas? At Least You’re Not This Guy!

Ah, Christmas, such a wonderful time of the year. Though some people find it terrible, especially if they are sad or alone, haunted by memories of easily broken poorly made wooden toys from Formosa, disappointing gifts of socks when you were expecting a fully working laser sound Lego Millennium Falcon, turkey basted with the onion flavoured tears of dysfunctional family anguish, traumatized by endless re-runs of the Godfather Trilogy, Groundhog Day, or father in a Santa suit drunk and almost drowned in a bowl of egg nog.

If you are one of those sad cases, take cheer! Watch the clip below. The events of Tom Filey’s appalling auto-biographical song purportedly from 1983, with rap contributions by Sumfin Moore, will make your own tedious memories small beer in comparison, and will bring a big Grinchy smile to your face. Just remember, even Mother Theresa agreed, there is no shame in schadenfreude if it makes you happier than someone worse off than yourself. Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!