There’s something quite hypnotic about the stranded cloud of words slowly gyring across the screen on the page of the Visual Thesaurus.

In this trial screen grab we travel from Nerd to Wizard. Stopping at Expert, Skilled, Virtuoso, and Superstar before arriving at Wizard. The possible paths of the word web are woven on a galactic scale.

Is this how advanced AI neural networks will determine meanings, exploring the multiplicity of meanings in nanoseconds in the thoughts of androids of the future?


There’s also something overwhelming about the sheer potential vastness of interconnected meaning here. One who loves words could easily get lost.

My only question is, why isn’t there an App?

Explore your own words here Visual Thesaurus

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  1. Melissa

    How very clever. And so why isn’t there an app???? It brings back a little fun into learning words & maybe, just maybe with tools like this, people may expand their vocabulary and learn to speak a little more eloquently rather than speaking nonsensical gibberish language derived from guttural vocal sounds of unevolved primates

  2. C S Hughes
    C S Hughes

    They market it on a subscription basis, and while individual subscriptions are inexpensive at around $20 a year, they seem mainly oriented towards educational and institutional subscribers. Not sure why they don’t do an app for devices (I looked but couldn’t find one). Perhaps they are concerned about piracy or their algorithms being copied. Though they could always do an app that simply plugs into their server without actually containing the code.


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