See It, Read It – Book Trailers For Self-Publishers

Every book needs a trailer these days. At least with this teaser ad for the soon to be released iBooks title Fracture Wolf, a small collection of poems, short stories and animated artworks by C S Hughes, the work actually includes moving images, so using moving images to promote it seems appropriate.

With every social media and networking site playing uploaded video, even a small video-ad is a catchy way to attract attention. In an overcrowded milieu its a way to promote your book that will leave a definite impression on a potential reader’s memory.

Some book trailers are epic productions costing tens of thousands of dollars. Most are produced in-house by multimedia savvy types in the publisher’s publicity department.

If you’re self-publishing, and don’t have the time or skills to produce your own book trailer, contact [email protected] We can produce an attractive, intriguing short video based around moving text and art work for relatively little cost.