Giant Dalek Terrorizes English Ice-Cream Aficionados

snugburys_giant_dalekA giant, 10 metre tall Dalek is terrorizing the English countryside. No that’s wrong, it is tastifying the English countryside. Looming over man and machine alike the giant creation is rotating its turret and blasting out Daleky type sayings. You know the ones. The countryside is reverberating raucously to its strident strenulations.

Erected by English Ice-Creamery Snugbury’s, in a field in Nantwich, Cheshire, the mighty mutant machine has been built to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who, and also coincides with Snugbury’s release of an Ice-Cream called the DaLick. A portion of the price of each DaLick is being donated to UK Cancer Research.

Whovians and ice-cream fans are delighted. The local sheep are somewhat less bemused by the straw and steel behemoth.