Imagine you are in a soothing pool of unidentified gelatinous goo, on a tropical island somewhere, possibly surrounded by a crawling red weed. The perfect time to enjoy the strenulating strains and slightly dubious images of the of the Dalek Relaxation Video.

As Dalek Guru says, enjoy or you will be ex-ter-min-ated!

About The Author

C S Hughes

C S Hughes is a proud member of the TV generation, studied film and communications, collects the paperback books of Philip K Dick, loves science fiction and fantasy books, B grade movies and cult TV, American thrillers and British noir, restoring vintage watches, reading poetry, creating innovative illustrated poetry books which are available in Apple’s iBooks format, and cake. Especially cake. He has also written short stories, and has a collection of horror stories coming out in 2015.

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