The Legendary Ten Seconds: Richard III Tribute to Raise Money for Scoliosis Charity

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Charity has always played an important part in the role of an English monarch. But King Richard III may have been surprised to know that five centuries after his death his legacy might extend to an increasing awareness of the spinal condition scoliosis. It has been confirmed that Richard suffered from idiopathic scoliosis, and while it did not cause any severe physical disfigurement, it would have affected his everyday life to some degree. It has been a rather unexpected result amid all the excitement and controversy since the discovery of his remains, but now public knowledge of a little-known but quite common condition is growing.

In a tribute to King Richard III, The Legendary Ten Seconds have released a medieval folk-rock inspired concept album Loyaulté Me Lie. Lead vocalist Ian Churchward told us “I was inspired to compose songs about Richard III after watching a documentary about the discovery of his grave in the car park in Leicester. My wife’s cousin suffered from scoliosis and sadly died last year which is why I decided to use the music to raise money and awareness for a scoliosis charity.”

The Legendary Ten Seconds formed about ten years ago, with the present line-up comprising Ian Churchward on vocals and guitar, Rob Bright on guitar, Camilla Knightjoy on vocals and Lord Zarquon keyboards, and their music is heavily influenced by folk rock. Loyaulté Me Lie is a collection of fourteen songs that the band says “reveal the unquenched fighting spirit of the House of York and the steadfast loyalty of Good King Richard”.

Proceeds will go to SAUK, the Scoliosis Association (UK), the only national support group for children and adults with scoliosis in the UK. SAUK is officially affiliated with the British Scoliosis Research Foundation and is run by a few dedicated staff and with the help of volunteers from among the membership.
SAUK run a helpline (0208 960 1166) open Monday – Friday 9.30 – 5.30, organisine campaigns to help increase awareness of scoliosis, produce publications to help inform those with scoliosis, hold regional meetings at which specialists provide advice on scoliosis and run a membership scheme that helps people with scoliosis to keep in touch with one another, access support in their local area and keep them up-to-date with treatment developments.

The band are now working on a second album about Richard III, called Tant le Desiree, which should be available on Amazon and iTunes at the end of this year.

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The Boar Lay Slain single is available on iTunes and Amazon.

Visit the band at The Legendary Ten Seconds website and Facebook Page.


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