The Walking Dead is a veritable phenomena, who’d of thought a zombie apocalypse could last so long? After all, most of them are over by sunset, or at least by supper time. To celebrate the release of season 6 of The Walking Dead on DVD and Blu-Ray, we’re giving away five copies for our Australian readers. More on that later.


Every zombie apocalypse needs a strong motherly figure, a kind, older woman, who gradually comes out of her introverted shell, gives wise advice, cooks a mean batch of cookies, and can blow away zombie hordes with a shotgun or any handy kitchen implement in the nitty-gritty of close combat. That’s Carol.

You’ll have to watch the show to get an appreciation of Carol Peletier’s zombie destroying skills. We’re just sharing her recipe for scrummy cookies. Where you’re going to find a chocolate bar to use in the recipe in the midst of an undead armageddon is another matter, but brains may be a suitable substitute depending on exactly who is dropping by for afternoon tea. Here’s the recipe, read on to find out how you can win Season 6 of The Walking Dead on Blu-Ray or DVD.



To win one of the five copies we have to give away thanks to AMC and Fox, just tell us what you would substitute for chocolate if you had none. What you choose can be suitable for the living or the dead, your choice! Let us know in the comments below.

Entries close midday 30th September 2016, winners will be chosen on what seems grossest, tastiest or most amusing.

Season 6 is Out now on Digital, available on Blu-Ray & DVD 21 September
Rating: MA15+
Directed by Greg Nicotero
Featuring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yuen, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohen, and Danai Gurira

(Photo Credits Gene Page/AMC)

Hey Ethan, you got more of those cookies? Or brains? Brains is good too.



68 Responses

  1. Craig


  2. Patrick

    With the Walking Dead Zombies being Americans, I’d replace the chocolate with pumpkin and nutmeg making American Pumpkin Pie cookies, luring them just like ant’s to sugar and Borax acid.

  3. Jade O

    I have an abundance of cat treats sitting in my cupboard. Although not for human consumption, I would give them to my worst enemy. Then again… I wouldn’t say no to bacon as well. Mmmm bacon!!

  4. Sam Gironda

    If I had some I’d substitute the chocolate for sultanas! Sultanas are one of my favourite things to snack on plus it would give the cookies a nice little fruity flavour!

  5. Scott Crumlin

    DEAD delicious would be, cookies made instead of chocolates with human eyeballs like candy! What hungry Zombie wouldn’t like to snack on a Human Eyeball Cookie when the munchies attack? Forget choc chip who needs that, when you can chomp one of these and feel the eyeball pop and go splat, against your Zombie mouth’s roof, before you gulp down all the tasty human eyeball juice!

  6. Carmel

    I’m an Aussie, right? And a HUUUGGGEE TWD fan, especially Carol and all her kickass awesomeness. So I would get those American zompocalypse survivors liking Vegemite in their bikkies/cookies. Or Nutella, even though I don’t like it. There’d have to be stockpiles of both in any town in the zompocalypse, at least in Oz there would. Maybe Vegemite bikkies would stop Negan offing someone with Lucille. 🙂

  7. Kim McBride

    Us Walkers ‘aint racist.
    White chocolate skin. Dark chocolate skin.
    My fave is Turkish Delight!
    None of that diabetic chocolate skin though. It tastes like shit.
    Even Walkers have to draw the line somewhere.

  8. Emily Jones

    SKITTLES! Could you imagine swapping everything that has chocolate in it for SKITTLES! OMG DELICIOUS!

  9. Charlotte L.

    Like Carol, I’d appear as nice as pie,
    Bake cookies laced with poison, enemies die,
    No one would expect it, rival groups no more,
    Ready to hit the road to explore!

  10. Caroline V

    I’d say creamed corn. There always seems to be an abundance of it so I’m sure they’d be heaps at hand during a zombie apocalypse!

  11. Caitlin

    No chocolate available sounds horrific. Like worse than a zombie apocalypse. But given that I’d still need my cookies, I’d replace the choc with coffee and a dash or two of maple syrup for sweetness.

  12. Richard Harrison

    Anything except carob. Not even zombies would stomach that evil.

  13. adrienne harries

    chocolate substitution is very hard to do
    BUT corn chips instead IF I have to
    Not as sweet or as fun
    but can be shared by everyone

  14. Jessica Gillard

    Unlike some Australian’s I dislike Vegemite. But Vegemite, believe it or not, kinda looks like chocolate – Particularly to someone who is dead and therefore perhaps has impaired judgement. I could lure them with the promise of this so called chocolate… Once tasted the contrast in saltiness compared to the expected sweetness will scramble their brains to the point of explosion.
    Yes. It has been decided. Vegemite is a suitable (deadly) substitute for chocolate and it will not be missed.

  15. Phillip Topping

    Marshmallow, soft and squishy like brains and we all know how much zombies love brains

  16. jenny heron

    Oooh, Let’s see…Post apocalyptic world, no chocolate… maybe some chopped apples…not many people around to eat the fruit, and apple trees grow everywhere.

  17. Kelly Conway

    My favourite series of all time and am waiting for Season 6 – so this would be awesome. No chocolate (does that include a few Snickers bars?) – I shudder to think. If push came to shove, I would substitute the chocolate with Chickory Essence, Espresso Coffee or Nutella, combined with a few macadamias or cashews for the tasty crunch factor. Go Carol! Though you’ve gotta love Daryl and Rick.

  18. Daniel Gardner

    I’d replace it with honeycomb, and make the cookies beetle-shaped, so it would be like Bertie Beetles for those who don’t like chocolate.

  19. Matthew England

    witchetty grubs mate! – very nutritious and less chance of others knocking them off! (they are not the most aesthetically appealing tucker)

  20. Pat Miller

    Sleeping pills, for the zombies, then, attack, attack. But, that would be the end of the show, then what would l do without DARYL

  21. Sharon Markwell

    For the living I’d substitute ice-cream (chocolate flavoured) and for the dead I’d add my husband’s beloved stubbies to get rid of them.

  22. sarahMary

    Nothing could replace chocolate so I’d go to the next best thing. BACON!

  23. William McGurk

    I would substitute a chocolate laxative so when the Zombies start to chase me they would constantly have to duck off to the rest rooms

  24. Ken

    Rabbit raisins and Squirrel brains mixed to a fine consistency with some sugar to keep it sweet .. Who would know once they are baked? The texture would be divine

  25. Karen Thompson

    Being an apocalypse it needs to be something that is easily found. Cockroaches mashed with bottle brush flowers. The cockroaches for protein and the bottle brush for sweetness.

  26. Ron

    Some say chocolate is a substitute for sex, so if there is no chocolate there would have to be sex.

  27. Sandie

    Hallucinogenic cookies, fun watching spaced out zombies. But not dope, zombies with the munchies not so much.

  28. Roberto Colombi

    Yoghurt – it’s Legen-‘Dairy’ in staving off hunger in the fight against the zombie apocalypse!

  29. Ivan Tye

    I would substitute with a mix of betel nut (mind altering plant) and double expresso coffee and watch the zombies go on a rampage killing each other.

  30. Elinor Tye

    I would use baked beans to replace the chocolate bar. Feed the cookies to the zombies, stand back and watch them self implode.

  31. Barry Johnson

    Stevia for guilt free feasting with a dash of preservative 220 to slow unsightly zombie decomposition.

  32. Natalie Murnane

    I’d replace the chocolate with the kids water from their water bottles… there is a million things in there and I’m not sure their all dead but that stuff could totally wipe out zombies.

  33. Louise T

    Brains…. and for those modern day vegan Zombies, it would have to be Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaains!!

  34. Jas

    Nothing. I’d be happy eating the cookies without any extra pieces. Can’t be fussy in the apocalypse!

  35. Tess Howard

    Wine …… or Beer. Its the apocalypse, I’m not picky. And alcohol can substitute for lots of things in a bind.

  36. Tess Dimitriou

    Cane Toad…they say they are a delicacy in some countrys…..hmmmm…hard to imagine especially when the poisonous puss starts to explode off their backs….even the Zombies will be freaking out.

  37. Rebecca

    Deliciously plump Wolf Spiders guts sprinkled with fat, juicy maggots would tickle a zombies taste buds

  38. veronique pezeshki

    I would use flies because there are always millions of them around dead bodies so they must be easy to catch and full of proteins 🙂

  39. Becky Downey

    I’d replace it with jell-o. What it is I don’t know. Americans love it and it sounds easy to melt.

  40. Carole with an E

    Rather than chocolate, I would use liver.
    The hauntingly bad taste, will make you shiver.
    Feed them to walkers, I’m a zombie giver
    One bite of these, they’ll jump in the river.

  41. Vicki McKenzie

    MSG – might get their dead hearts beating (and racing) again and restore their humanity.

  42. Nichole Mckee

    I’d substitute the choccy for catnip so those walkers can just chill the fek out haha

  43. Dianne

    Dirt, of course, in The Walking Dead it’s not the world as we know it. and we all ate dirt as children anyway, remember mud pies????

  44. Tamara Lamb

    For the dead. Donald Trump’s hair. Or himself. Either is good!

  45. Wayne H

    I’d substitute the chocolate with the piles of rotting hemorrhoids scrapped from decaying zombie bums. Hopefully those stomach churning treats would put Zombies off their food for a while.

  46. Elisabeth Martins

    I would substitute chocolate for the cerebral cortex because that is the part of the brain that addictions come from. I can eat my chocolate addiction! 😛

  47. Laura Scriven

    Some candied peel and sultanas to make them fruit,
    They would taste beaut.

  48. Amy Ginis

    Sweetened Condensed Milk – Its sweet, and would last a really long time…perfect for the zombie apocalypse!

  49. Rachael

    I don’t understand…run out of chocolate…what does that mean??!!!

  50. Christina Tregea

    Marijuana in cookies would have the zombies off their faces and make them slow and stupid 🙂