To say that most of us have been inured by a film and TV diet of pointless and often glorified violence, and desensitized by news stories that demonstrate little except the corruption of the powerful and the selfishness of the weak, is nothing new.

One thing that is new is the sight of cynical and jaded 30 to 80 year olds in tears at seeing Han, Chewie and now Leia in the latest Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. What does it prove?

That there is still a need for real heroes in the world.

Opening in cinemas on December 17. There are very few of them, great adventures that also uplift the soul. Don’t miss it.

See the new trailer here.



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  1. Olga Hughes

    Return of the Jedi is the first film I saw at the cinema when I was a little kid. It’s incredible we’re getting to see a new chapter with the original characters in it after all of these years.


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