Looking For Richard Project to Release ‘Finding Richard III: The Official Account’


Finding Richard III: The Official Account

The Looking for Richard team will finally reveal the real story behind the search for King Richard III.  The much-anticipated account of the Looking for Richard team’s journey will include their original research, preparation and negotiations which made finding the once-mythical burial place of Richard III a reality. Finding Richard III: The Official Account will cite sources dating back to the 15th century, as well as research by the team and its predecessors going right back to 1975. This research led them to believe that Richard’s grave was not lost, informed their understanding of where his body lay and motivated the ground-breaking search for his grave. The booklet will include diagrams, maps, and 22 pages of original documents and papers published for the very first time.

Now we will hear the full story behind one of the most unprecedented discoveries in archaeological history from the dedicated people who made it possible. The book is co-authored by Philippa Langley (The King’s Grave), Dr John Ashdown-Hill (The Last Days of Richard III and the Fate of His DNA, Eleanor the Secret Queen, The Third Plantagenet), Annette Carson (Richard III The Maligned King)Dr David Johnson (Adwalton Moor 1643: The Battle That Changed A War) and artist Wendy Johnson. The official publication date will be announced soon.

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Meet the authors:

John Ashdown Hill
I am a freelance historian; historical researcher; writer and lecturer. I am a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, and a member of the Society of Genealogists, the Richard III Society,the Centre Europeen d’Etudes Bourguignonnes, and have recently been elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.
I was the leader of genealogical research and historical adviser on the ‘Looking for Richard‘ project, which led to the rediscovery of the remains of Richard III in August 2012. My Richard III work demonstrates, I believe, that I have a special interest in controversial topics, and a talent for taking a fresh approach, which can sometimes lead to significant new discoveries.
I have currently had five history books and numerous historical research articles published. My sixth book – The Third Plantagenet, a study of George, Duke of Clarence, is due out in March 2014. Due out in 2015 is The Dublin King, the true story of Edward, Earl of Warwick, Lambert Simnel and the Princes in the Tower. My latest book Royal Marriage Secrets recently received an excellent review in The Spectator. As a result of my work on the Richard III project I participated in British, Continental and Canadian TV documentaries on the search for Richard III. Subsequently I have also participated in a general historical documentary on the life of Richard III for the USA, and interest has been expressed in the possibility of further TV work based on two of my books.
Visit John at johnashdownhill.com

Annette Carson is a freelance writer with a preference for history and biography. She is an award-winning copywriter, has sold over 45,000 non-fiction books on subjects including music and aviation, and has contributed to Encyclopædia Britannica.
Her interest in Richard III has been lifelong. In 2008 she published Richard III: The Maligned King (The History Press) – with a revised edition in April 2013 reflecting the findings that ensued from his discovery. An examination of Richard’s reign, the book remains unorthodox, even 6 years later, in relying on evidence as recorded during his lifetime, while avoiding the ill-informed accounts of Tudor times. In July 2013 she published a short paperback (and e-book), Richard III: A Small Guide to the Great Debate, aimed at setting out the controversy for the general reader.
When Philippa Langley originated the quest for King Richard’s grave, she cited The Maligned King as one of her inspirations and asked Annette to join the team as historical consultant. Annette is still active in the Looking For Richard Project and has been working on text for the Richard III Visitor Centre in Leicester.
Visit Annette at ajcarson.co.uk

Dr David and Wendy Johnson are long standing members of the Richard III Society and frequent contributors to the Society’s quarterly journal the Ricardian Bulletin. David, whose PhD in history was awarded by the University of York in 2013, is the author of Adwalton Moor 1643: The Battle That Changed A War (Blackthorn Press, 2003), and Wendy has sold and exhibited portraits of people and animals. David is preparing a new study exploring the political controversy surrounding Richard III’s accession to the throne, whilst Wendy is currently researching a proposed trilogy based on the Wars of the Roses.

Screenwriter and producer Philippa Langley inaugurated the Looking For Richard Project and led the successful search to locate King Richard III’s grave. She is a TAPS writer, a BAFTA Rocliffe shortlisted writer, and finalist in SWF’s Scriptmarket and Channel 4’s ‘Son of the Pitch’ competition. Her 90 minute documentary, The King in the Car Park, made with Channel 4 and Darlow Smithson Productions, was Channel 4’s highest rated specialist factual show, going on to win the Royal Television Society Award for 2013 and a BAFTA nomination in 2014. Her screenplay Richard III: Last of the Warrior Kings on the life of Richard III is based on Bosworth 1485: Psychology of a Battle by military historian Michael Jones, with whom she co-authored The King’s Grave: The Search for Richard III in 2013. Founder of the Richard III Society’s Scottish Branch, she is a regular contributor to the Ricardian Bulletin magazine and was awarded the Society’s Robert Hamblin Award in 2012.