daleks-prince-charlesThe Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall stopped by the Cardiff studio where Doctor Who is filmed on their three day tour of Wales.

With much giggling, Prince Charles tried famous Dalek catchphrase “Exterminate” on the voice modulator, and Camilla had a go at flying the TARDIS. They also checked out a display of some of the show’s monsters, including Daleks, a weeping angel and a Cyberman.

The Prince of Wales first watched Doctor Who when he was fifteen years old, which awed current Doctor Matt Smith. Both Matt and Jenna-Louise Coleman were on set to greet the royal couple.

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  1. C S Hughes

    Spoilers, Sweetie? Doctor Who writer producer Stephen Moffat has stated on numerous occasions that he is sick of Daleks, that there will be no more Dalek episodes. Yet there seem to be many Daleks apparent during this recent Royal visit by Charles and Camilla. Is this an indication they are doing Dalek episodes? Or did they just wheel them out for the Royals entertainment?


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