Did Peter Jackson just sign on to direct Doctor Who? Peter was so keen to direct an episode he offered to waive his fee in lieu of a gold-coloured Dalek in 2014. In 2015 Steven Moffat gave us a brief update saying the episode will ‘probably happen‘. Now Peter and Steven are having a bit of fun with this new video. Keep an eye on the gold-coloured fellow later on, he may be a clue.

Home Invasion

This was an interesting weekend…

Posted by Peter Jackson on Sunday, 29 November 2015

In other nefarious clues, there’s a copy of The Silmarillion on the table…

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  1. Winrobee

    I should like to make a comment on the Jackson video. I found the scene was notably enhanced by the presence on his table of the newish-looking copy of The Silmarillion, with 5 bookmarks sticking out.

    Now I’m going to take the bait on this, and spell out what we are supposed to fantasize about. We shall make a little timeline of the future…

    2016-2020 Peter Jackson continues to make great movies while the 6-movie Middle Earth film franchise makes several rounds on the television networks.
    2021 Christopher Tolkien’s-and this is the unfortunate part-usually good health fails and the property goes to his heirs. In commisuration there is a spike in sales of Tolkien merchandise.
    2021-2025 Studios make overtures towards the heirs for acquisition of further Tolkien literature.
    2026-for a nine-digit sum outright plus very extensive rights, licence to The Silmarillion, The Children of Hurin, and Unfinished Tales is sold by a majority of heirs tired of a feud, which has become old history. Peter Jackson starts preproduction on a pentalogy of movies based, respectively, on the tales of Fëanor, Beren, Turin, Tuor, and Eärendil.
    2028-2030 extensive and ongoing filming goes on in sites and stages in New Zealand and elsewhere.
    2030 holiday release of Flight of the Noldor, featuring Vin Diesel in the part of Melkor/Morgoth, by Sir Peter-now in his late 60s.
    2031 holiday release of Beren and Luthien, covering The Silmarillion from Dagor Bragollach to the mortalizing of Luthien.
    2032 holiday release of The Children of Hurin. This tells of the tales of Turin and Tuor in an interleaved way up to Turin’s establishment in Nargothrond.
    2033 holiday release of The Fall of Gondolin. A film about Turin and Tuor climaxing in the battle for Turgon’s city.
    2034 release, of course for the Holidays, of The War of Wrath, whose story is to run from the ruin of Doriath to the fall of Morgoth and the fates of the Silmarills and establishment of Númenor. Filming begins on a Second Age movie.
    2035 the big box set of The Silmarillion comes out.
    2036 The Downfall of Numinor comes out in November, centered on the story of Ar-Pharazôn verses the faithful, with the story of the Last Alliance given in post-script.
    2037 the extended 6-volume box set of the Silmarillion comes out;
    plus a super box library of the 12 Middle Earth Movies.

  2. Olga Hughes

    “2030 holiday release of Flight of the Noldor, featuring Vin Diesel in the part of Melkor/Morgoth” 😮

    Good to see you Winrobee!

  3. Winrobee

    Another thing that should be considered is the lovely actress Kiera Knightly in the part of Luthien Tinuvial. Some of the best depictions of that Elf-Angel princess seem to me to have that look. Liv Tyler types also need apply, because Arwen was said to have taken after Tinuvial, her great-great-grandmother.


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