If The Doctor Could Drop In On Your Timeline And Give You One Piece Of Advice, What Would It Be?

I’m not talking about the lottery numbers, but rather, a piece of Doctorish advice. Imagine the TARDIS appeared in a haze of blue light and with its dopplering groan echoing in your hall closet, and a slightly singed looking Doctor stepped out. “I’ve just had a bit of a jolly rot tangling with nefarious types in 2014, you were a great help and I promised your future self I’d come back to 198…whatever year it is, and give you this advice- ”

It could be advice to be standing on a particular corner, at a particular time, where you met a particular person, or to not be on that corner, though something that crucial would undoubtedly be one of those unchangeable, fixed points in time, incredibly significant and thus unalterable.

Or it could be as simple and frivolous as to not get that Flock Of Seagulls hairdo back in 1987, or something important, like not to waste three years studying economics, when your actual passion is Shakespeare, for example.

Though what I really mean is the kind of advice he might give to Clara, or Rory or Adric (if you don’t know who Adric is, you need to watch more Doctor Who). And which Doctor would you want to advise your teenage or younger self?

I’d want Tom Baker’s Doctor, the 4th Doctor, (or perhaps Leela – but that would be a different story) to tell me to, “Be bold, and never look back.”

You don’t have to share, but at least give it a moment, think about it.

What would your Doctor say to you?