Chickens With Pants!

In the same way humans would make amusing pets for a superior, alien species, perhaps only requiring a device like a control collar to curtail our more destructive and unsavoury behaviours, so with a little accessorization, the addition of pants, chickens too, can make great pets.

As we all know from the internet, animals from rats to platypodes (that’s the correct plural of platypuses, not platypi) love to indulge in a tickle from their human friends, while llamas, lemurs, hogs and wombats enjoy a play and a cuddle.

In the backyard, many domesticated animals, formerly considered merely as food producers or food products are often now considered pets. They have their own personalities, and creatures from pigs to goats are often seen indoors, not in a spicy BBQ sauce, but as members of the family.

Chickens are especially endearing, friendly, loved by children, and if they have grown up with people, enjoy a cuddle.

Unfortunately toilet training chickens is an as yet uncertain science. However, the invention of poultry pampers means your favourite chicken can now sit in your lap and strut around the house without leaving an unpleasant mess.

Chicken diapers are also quite stylish, and a chicken wearing the latest design seems to take an unaccountable enjoyment from strutting its stuff. Rather like a model on a catwalk, they pose, preen and strut and peacock. Here’s some pictures. Cock-o-the-Walk indeed.

Wearing a lovely apron.
Quite dapper but not crowing about it in a delightful bow tie.
Chicken feed, in even the most improbable cases, manages to convey the aspect of intelligence.
Duck Diapers! USA! USA!

Yes, they make great pets. And there’s a whole range of avian accessories available for your household poultry, including duck diapers, poultry pampers, aprons, coats, pullovers, bow ties that prevent crowing, harnesses and leashes in case you enjoy a chicken or duck walk, and perhaps a diamond collar for the rooster who has everything.

A good place to start for information on the joys and practicalities of farm birds as domestic pets is