The date for King Richard III’s reinterment has finally been announced. Richard will be finally laid to rest on Thursday 26th March 2015.

Richard’s reinterment service will be part of a week-long series of events commemorating his life. On Sunday 22nd March the University of Leicester will transfer Richard’s remains into a lead-lined coffin. From there he will travel to Bosworth, through villages connected with his final campaign,  and finally to Leicester.

Richard will then lie in repose for three days, in his coffin covered with a commissioned pall, for any who wish to pay their respects. The Cathedral says that special arrangements will be in place to allow as many as possible who wish to visit to do so. Richard will be reburied on the morning of Thursday 26th. The following days, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March, will mark the end of the journey with the reveal of the tomb and a service to mark the completion of the reinterment.

The Bishop of Leicester, the Rt Revd Tim Stevens said “Our cathedral has been consistently committed to providing a fitting, dignified and memorable ceremony for the reinterment of King Richard. We can now see how this works out in detail and our city and county look forward to all the events of next spring.”

The Very Revd David Monteith said “King Richard’s reinterment in Leicester Cathedral will proclaim afresh his Christian hope in the resurrection. We are now preparing with great care to offer him lasting sanctuary and peace”

The reinterment service will be broadcast live on Channel 4 with a programme of highlights shown that evening. A series of programmes will also be broadcast during the week. The programmes will feature historians, scientists and representatives of the City of Leicester, the University of Leicester team, the Looking for Richard Project and the Richard III Society.

Channel 4 Commissioning Editor John Hays says: “Having been there at the start of this extraordinary story, we’re proud to be working with our partners in Leicester to bring this, its culmination, to the country and the world. I simply cannot think of any comparable event and so am hugely looking forward to what promises to be a unique national moment.”

His Royal Highness the Duke of Gloucester, the Royal Patron of the Richard III Society, is to be Patron of Leicester Cathedral’s King Richard III Appeal in support of the Cathedral’s reinterment plans.

David Monteith said: “This is a huge boost not just for the Appeal but for the whole of Leicester. It demonstrates, beyond all doubt, that our Cathedral and city are well equipped to undertake this responsibility on behalf of the entire nation. We are now very well advanced in our plans and look forward to reinterring Richard next year with dignity and with honour.”

The target for the fund-raising appeal is £2.5m and the Cathedral has already raised nearly £1 million. The Samworth Foundation, a charitable trust run Sir David Samworth and his brother, John, of the Samworth Brothers food empire, have just made a generous donation of £500,000.

Contractors Fairhurst Ward Abbots, who have worked on Buckingham Palace, Ely Cathedral, Leicester’s Magazine Gateway and Chatsworth Hall in Derbyshire, have commenced work on the Cathedral’s interior, which has been redesigned to accommodate Richard’s tomb.

Matt Webster of FWA said “We are delighted to have the privilege of being part of the Richard III story. It is a great honour to be asked to create a resting place for a king, especially in Leicester’s delightful Cathedral.”

The public will be able to view the works as they proceed by means of observation windows cut into the main screening – and Channel 4 will be installing a time-lapse camera to record the entire process from start to finish.

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  1. Jane Carpenter

    Today’s Australian has a significant report regarding the failure of the current royals to acknowledge their historic predecessor or to provide for his reburial. King Richard lll continues as a permanent tragedy, destined never to be put to rest.

    • Jasmine

      You mustn’t believe everything you read in the papers, Jane. The Duke of Gloucester, Patron of the Richard III Society, is the liaison between the bodies involved in the whole process from discovery to reburial and the Royal Household.

      • Jasmine

        Yes, he is. He is also the Patron of the Leicester Cathedral Appeal, so he has two hats on this occasion.

      • Olga Hughes

        That’s quite a lot of hats with all of those Archbishops floating around as well 🙂

  2. Jane Carpenter

    As many hats as the Duke may wear, he does not wear the Crown. The current Monarch has not acknowledged the recovery of her anscestor King Richard lll. The apparent rep for the Royal Family, despite the number of hats he may wear, has not, to my knowledge, made a public statement regarding his role in representing the current Queen, the the finding of the King, or his own role in representing the Crown or anybody else in an occasion which offered the opportunity to unite and celebrate our heritage.

    • Olga Hughes

      The only time we cover the current Royal family here is when they’re posing with a Dalek.

    • Jasmine

      I think you will find that the Queen does not comment publicly on any matter, Jane. She does not give interviews either. We have no idea of what she may have done behind the scenes, nor what she has said to her officials and nor should we. That is what a constitutional monarchy is all about.

      The Duke of Gloucester has had many meetings with representatives of all parties involved, including the Richard III Society. He has visited many of the exhibitions, including the one at Gloucester and was photographed next to the reconstruction of Richard’s head.

  3. Terry

    LOL Olga! Or of HM almost sitting on the Iron Throne!
    I did love that little moment when Her Maj seeme to regard it with gleaming eyes and ( for this viewer) The Duke of Edinburgh beside her looked a LOT like Tywin Lannister.
    Trying really hard to not add to the RIII debate here, but I really do like and agree with Jane’s points.
    Anyway, off to re-read your fab Robot of Sherwood review (I loved that episode so much… )

    • Olga Hughes

      Just lightening the mood 😉 There were some brilliant memes following their visit to the GOT set Terry.
      I think the Queen made her feelings on making a public statement pretty clear when she cheekily pretended she didn’t know they had discovered him.

      (I loved Robot of Sherwood too)

      • Jane Carpenter

        Perhaps she actually doesn’t know Olga. As Jasmine says, we have no idea……..

      • Jasmine

        Given that HM’s Government was involved in a Judicial Review about the matter and that the Queen is fully briefed on her Government’s operations, I think we can safely say she did know about the discovery and its aftermath.

      • Olga Hughes

        Buckingham Palace was consulted before the dig even went ahead.

    • Olga Hughes

      Nuts are expensive, and I heard that things are a bit tight money-wise around the palace 😉

      • Jasmine

        Poor Queen – she can’t win. She’s either accused of living the high life and spending money like water or she’s described as being mean and careful, switching off lights to save electricity and counting nuts in a dish………

      • Jane Carpenter

        Oh Dear- and now her whisky still at Balmoral is under threat from those Scottish upstarts – but that lot haven’t really got a chance have they.
        58 bottles of Johnnie Walkers Diamond Jubilee mingled at the Royal Lochnager Distillery at Balmoral released @$200,000 each. The oak for the hand made casks was harvested at her Sandringham estate. Beats flogging tea towels I suppose. And conserving nuts.

      • Jasmine

        I think you will find Elizabeth, Queen of Scots, will keep her whisky skill, Jane.

    • Jane Carpenter

      As grateful as I am with your insight into coded messages Terry, my disappointment with HM remains- her silence on press statements, speeches and messages from the palace, except pathetic asides to those whom she may cross paths with. Neither she, or her family, have acknowledged publicly or officially that her ancestor King Richards remains have been recovered.

      • Terry

        Jane, I feel the just the same way, as you, I really do.
        It’s actually beyond belief to me. I’ve been putting up these links to show in my own ( kind of ironic way) what some of the ‘priorities’ seem to be in this country from certain persons. I get the impression there was a real feeling that ‘they’ wanted nothing to do with another monarch or to draw any comparisons. So he was handed over.
        It’s shameful.

      • Jasmine

        On the contrary, as previously mentioned, The Duke of Gloucester, Patron of the Richard III Society is the liaison between external organisations and the Royal Household. If you think he has been involved in all the activities around the discovery and identification of Richard III, and failed to mention any of this to the Queen, then I fear you do not understand the function of a liaison.

        The other aspect is that the Queen is a constitutional monarch and as such does not comment on the actions of her own government, nor matters which enter the political sphere (as the reburial of Richard III has done with discussions in Parliament and petition letters to MPs and members of the Lords).

  4. C S Hughes
    C S Hughes

    As some of my forebears may have said, “Dinna fash yerself, Yer Madge.”

    However, with the Southrons gone, won’t the magic that keeps the White Walkers at bay break down? Who will those beyond the Wall turn to then?

    • Jane Carpenter

      The Southrons will always be welcome, once the wall is replaced. Those beyond the wall have waited a long time for this chance to show their inclusiveness.