Nerds Get Stuff Sold! Best Nerdy Ads of All Time

Many of us would consider ourselves a bit nerdy, perhaps even geeky.  Most of the time, we take pride in that fact.  After all, if we describe ourselves as “nerdy,” it could just be a synonym for “passionate” or “enthusiastic” or even “insanely knowledgeable.”

However, those outside the nerd-o-sphere we live in sometimes paint us in an unflattering light.  They make unfair generalizations about what we look like or how we act.

Sometimes we take offense to this.  Other times, we want to scream, “Heck yes!  That’s me and I’m proud!”

Take a look at these print ads.  Either way you slice it, these nerds are getting the job done.  Marketing and printing companies know they can rely on us to convey a message no one else can.  We should be so proud!

Before and After Sucol


“Honestly, it doesn’t work wonders but it has twice as many vitamins.”
Image courtesy of Coloribus

Sony Videoconferencing


“With only text…you miss the full picture.”
Image courtesy of Coloribus

Macquarie University


“At school you flushed his head down the toilet. Now he’s earning over $200,000 a year.”
Image courtesy of Coloribus


Tuffy Sandwich Bags


I will have to email Mythbusters and see if they can scientifically test this theory. – Ed.
Image courtesy of Coloribus


The Axe Effect


One of Bill Gates’s old girlfriends? – Ed.
Image courtesy of Coloribus


Think Big – World’s Strongest Man


While I’m not exactly sure what they are advertising here, I think a muscle man with the silhouette of a geek may send a better message. – Ed.
Image courtesy of Edballi




Should anything you put in your mouth have ‘oids’ in the name? – Ed.
Image courtesy of Coloribus


Apparently, marketing professionals, print advertisers, and graphic designers know one thing – even as a misguided stereotype, us nerds have the amazing ability to sell a product like no one else can!

What do you think?  Do you take offense to these print ads?  Do you support the idea?  Sound off in the comment section below!

Guest author Dave Smith is a self-professed nerd.  He is passionate about advertising, graphic design, website design and just about anything else creative.  He works for Subtle Network Design and Marketing, a company that does printing in Clearwater, Florida.  Maybe it’s because he spends so much time around the printer admiring the projects that are produced, but Dave has become a great lover of creative, over-the-top ads!