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Richard III is still an enigma. Villainous and heroic, romantic and ruthless, chivalrous and pious. Maligned by Shakespeare and history for 500 years. Although he reigned for just two years, he remains one of the best known, and least understood Kings of medieval England. Toni Mount’s book is a compelling introduction to the life of Richard III. His controversial ascendency to the throne, the mystery of the Princes in The Tower, his attempts to consolidate power in the North. The betrayal and battle that was his downfall and ignoble burial. His reputation continues to divide and intrigue. Lost for several centuries, his remains were re-discovered in 2012, both confirming and confounding his legend. His re-internment in Leicester Cathedral in 2015 has created yet more controversy for this, the last warrior King of England.

To celebrate the updated release of Toni Mount’s book that will give you familiarity with Richard III’s life and insight into his enduring reputation, we are giving away a personally signed softcover copy for the grand prize as well as five Kindle copies for the runners up.

Richard III weathered some storms, and all you have to do to win is tell us what the weather is like in your part of the world. Winners will be chosen at 6pm on Friday 3rd April (AEST). Winners have five days to claim their prize.

Richard III: King of Controversy

If you can’t wait to further your understanding of Richard III, you can purchase Toni Mount’s Richard III: King Of Controversy, directly for £6.99 plus shipping. Just click the Paypal button below to purchase.


Richard III: King Of Controversy on Kindle

Richard III: King Of Controversy on Nook

Meet the Author

Toni-Mount-cropToni Mount

I’m an author, a history teacher, an experienced speaker – and an enthusiastic life-long-learner. I’m a member of the Research Committee of the Richard III Society and a library volunteer where I lead a Creative Writing group. I attend history events as a costumed interpreter.
I earned my research MA from the University of Kent in 2009 through study of a medieval medical manuscript held at the Wellcome Library in London. My BA (with First-class Honours) and my Diploma in European Humanities are from the Open University. My Cert. Ed (in Post-Compulsory Education and Training) is from the University of Greenwich. Recently I completed a Diploma in Literature and Creative Writing with the Open University. I’m currently studying a range of modules on contemporary science and technology also with the OU.
I’ve been happily married for nearly 40 years and have two grown-up sons.I have written and published books including The Medieval Housewife and Women of the Middle-ages, Richard III King of Controversy, Everyday Life in Medieval London plus books on Mrs Beeton and Victorian women doctors. My next book Dragon’s Blood and Willow Bark – the mysteries of medieval medicine is due to be published shortly.Visit Toni’s website, Everyday Life in Medieval London Facebook page and the Medieval Housewives Facebook page for updates.

60 Responses

  1. Libby Millard

    The weather here is Elston (Near East Stoke) 10 or so miles from Newark is lovely and sunny still a bit cool but not so windy as yesterday. Time to go into the garden

  2. Angela C

    There is a light drizzle and it’s a bit chilly here in Northeast Tennesse.

  3. Michelle

    It is a grey and rainy day here in the sunshine state of Florida in the US

  4. Theresa Rousseu

    It’s 9 degrees, feels like 8 degrees, and is clear in southwest BC, Canada.

  5. Underdogge

    It’s actually sunny here in Staffordshire though it looks as though some dark grey clouds could be creeping overhead (so I’ll have to keep a wether – no pun intended – eye open in case it rains as I have some clothes on the line).

    I didn’t watch the whole of King Richard III’s (though there are still some folk who say it is not his cadaver) reburial, but saw highlights on TV. I agree with the article – I very much doubt we will ever know Richard’s actions and motivations in totality after five hundred years.

  6. Deborah Gott

    In Bryson City, NC it’s cloudy and cool with a freeze warning for tomorrow! I love it.

  7. Kate

    We’re expecting a sunny day in Roseville California with a high of 85 degrees and a low of 50 (Fahrenheit).

  8. Ellie

    It’s pouring with rain, in the usually sunny Bela Bela in South Africa

  9. Ellen Penick

    Here in Louisville, Kentucky it’s chilly with a weak spring sunshine.

  10. youffie

    here in France, Bordeaux, it’s 23°C, cloudy, with a shy sun sometimes

  11. Samantha Fullerton

    Gloriously sunny which is something of a rarity in Scotland!

  12. myrna smith

    Damp but sunny, which is quite possible here in South Texas. Our drouth seems to be broken. Will probably be in the 70s today.
    Advert: I would love to have this book as grist for my mill. I’m the Reading Editor for the Ricardian Register, and am always on the lookout for a free book.

  13. Tabitha Deasún

    It’s looking like a second lovely day here in Pennsylvania, United States. Hopefully. Crossing my fingers for comfortable weather that requires open windows and the sound of chirping birds with sunny/clear skies. 🙂 Glad to have all this winter over cause it kills my joints and willing to suffer through the rain cause that’s easier to handle.

  14. Marsha

    The weather is warm but overcast here in the southern part of the U.S.!

  15. Neil

    Like most days recently, its cold and overcast here today, but it’s Friday, and the weekend starts very soon….

  16. Nicole Black

    It’s gloriously sunny here in Essex, United Kingdom! Loving the sun after typical English rain.

  17. sher

    I’m on holiday (sad being on Facebook I know ) so it’s actually about 17 degrees and baking hot

  18. Angela

    It’s allegedly spring in Chicago, but you wouldn’t know from the freezing temperatures and “bright cloudy” skies (and flurries this morning).

  19. Esther Sorkin

    I’m in Ventura, California and the weather is typical for sunny southern California near the beach … mid-to-high 70s.

  20. Donna

    Weather in Austin, Texas is glorious! Bright sunshine, warm temperature, and lovely spring breezes!

  21. Jennifer

    Two days ago it was 78°, now it’s 48° with a hard freeze warning tonight in Nashville, TN! Oy vey.

  22. Kathleen

    We are presently having wet snow and blowing snow. I live in Edwatds, Ontario, Canada. The temperature is 0 Celsius. It is also my brother’s birthday.

  23. Jacki Milbank

    I’m just outside Norwich in Nirfolk and today has been beautifully sunny with the odd large cloud blotting it out for a while. Temperature wise there’s been an icy wind but that died off later in the afternoon and when I was driving home at 3.15 the car registered 12 degrees.

  24. JFM1

    In Minneapolis, Minnesota USA, it’s 36 degrees F at 4:00 p.m. Clear and sunny. we’re anxious for warmer weather!

  25. Rachael

    Beautiful spring day in Nottinghamshire. Makes you feel so blessed to be alive.

  26. Cindy Mardis

    A beautiful spring day in Picayune, Mississippi . . . 70 degrees, sunny and breezy!

  27. Ase Johannessen

    Frost at night, fog, rain and sunshine in the daytime here in Daventry, UK.

  28. Amanda Rock

    Today here in Eastbourne, south coast of England, it was a warm, bright, sunny day.10 degrees and blue skies.

  29. Anna

    Here in Richmond, Indiana, it was unseasonably cold today! It snowed for most of the day, though only a bit of snow actually stuck.

  30. Susan Lutz

    Here in Plymouth, Michigan, USA, it has been a cold, blustery day. The temperature never got above 23°f, which the wind makes it feel like 11 degrees. We have had snow flurries all day, but luckily it is not sticking. We are ready for Spring!

  31. Joanne Seale

    We had snow on Monday and Tuesday, but today (Friday, 3/27) is gorgeous, sunny and 62 degrees in southwest Wyoming in the U.S. This is my first winter here, after living in Florida for 42 years, and everyone tells me it has been VERY mild! Loving today’s weather!!

  32. Debbie

    At 4.30 pm it is 20 degrees, a beautiful sunny day with a slight breeze, here in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.

  33. juan carlos amengual

    sunny and about 17C with a few clouds in Balearic islands

  34. m jeffreys

    At present in sth east England its overcast, not too cold, some rain forcast,tho hoping for sunshine.

  35. Sally McDonald

    Forget ‘Now is the winter of our discontent’, spring isn’t looking too glorious here in Thetford, Norfolk either. Drizzling rain and a cool wind is fighting off any hope for the sun.

  36. Kathryn VanderVere

    Here in Morristown, Tennessee it’s 50 degrees and sunny!

  37. Aimee

    It is sunny and cool on Cartersville, GA. The high today will be in the mid 50’s. (Fahrenheit)

  38. Annette Parry

    Thunderstorm and hail last night while Australia was beating us at the Cricket World Cup. Mild and fine to-day.

  39. Lisa

    It is 10 degrees colder than it should be this time of year, which means that it was only 45 degrees in NYC. But it was warmer than it has been.

  40. Cath

    It’s currently 11C but we’ll get to a warm 27C with a possibility of showers. Last week we had a cold snap and will even have high humidity on Good Friday. I love Melbourne, Australia’s changeable weather.

  41. Chris Bryant

    Warm, bright and sunny here in Oklahoma City; we got the tornado LAST week.

  42. Kristy

    It is a crisp morning, clouded by a slight fog with due glistening on the fallen autumn leaves that still have the look that they would crunch underfoot. There is a slight smell of a wood fire in the distance and the promise of a warm afternoon as the sun shine filters through the almost naked branches atop the tall trees.

  43. Jessica ashbrooke

    It’s autumn here in tamworth NSW Australia the weather doesn’t know what it wants whether it’s gonna be hot or cold changes daily now we’ve all been coming down with the flu


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