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Bunnykins Henry VIII and His Six Wives

Royal Doulton Bunnykins: Henry VIII and His Six Wives

Although there have been plenty of china figures produced of Henry VIII and his six Queens, there are none quite so cute, if a little odd, as these. The attention to detail on the hoods, however, is fantastic.


Henry VIII and wives tree decorations

Henry VIII and Six Wives Christmas Tree Decorations

Historic Royal Palaces sells these handmade decorations for your Christmas tree. Choose your own order of precedence.



The Anne Boleyn Toby Jug

Royal Doulton Anne Boleyn Toby Jug

Complete with an axe sticking out of her head. To add insult to injury the designers at Royal Dolts Doulton forgot she was beheaded with a sword. Just awful.


Henry VIII and his Six Wives Drink Charms

Henry VIII and his Six Wives Drink Charms

These will come in very handy as you’re probably the only Tudor Geek at the party. Or secretly insult your guests by giving them the Henry VIII charm.
Handmade by Tartx on Etsy (you can also buy matching wine stoppers). You can buy them here.


Disappearing Henry VIII Mug

Disappearing Henry VIII Mug

From the hysteria-inducing category, the Disappearing Henry VIII Mug. Pour in a hot beverage and his wives completely disappear from their picture frames! Then feel a deep-seated and terrible guilt for laughing. You know you will.


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  1. Ann

    I actually have an Anne Boleyn/tower of London charm (for a bracelet). The charm has a hinge. When you open it, there is a woman lying on the executioners block!


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