How To Discover Your Secret Jedi Name!


Follow the instructions in the poster above, and learn your secret Jedi name you will! Beware of the Dark Side, uncouth and barbaric on the tongue it is! Share your name below or on the Nerdalicious Facebook page to be listed amongst those who defy The Empire!

11 Responses

  1. Olga Hughes

    Hugol Anmoo, which makes me think I should have a big round alien head. Loguh Oomna doesn’t sound very Sith-like.

  2. C S Hughes

    I am the Jedi Hugca LeSyd, with a name like that you can expect me to go to the Dark Side very soon, where I shall be the Sith Lord Sydle Cahug!

  3. C S Hughes

    Apparently I am one of those clumsy, comedy relief Jedis, who doesn’t know the letters in their own name, and trips over their lightsaber cutting their own leg off. That should be Hugcr LeSyd or Sydle Crhug. Actually that last one sounding even more villainous.

    • Neil Kemp

      It’s very easy to forget your own name when you visit the Dark Side. 🙂

  4. Lisa Corbitt

    I’m the Jedi Corli Frcor. Uh… I feel like I’d fit better with the Chubbchubbs than in the Star Wars universe. Well, maybe the cantina.


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