A Game Of Thrones And The Amateur Epic – The Broken Continent


The Broken Continent

Everyone has heard of amateur theatre. There is a great and long standing tradition of small groups of dedicated people, often in towns and villages, banding together, and with little or no budget, and sometimes with little and less acting or stage craft, putting on a show. The show’s the thing, to paraphrase whotsisname. The meaning being, that the show or play may be the catalyst that brings forth the truth.

Here we have an amateur TV epic. It’s something quite remarkable that technology today allows a group of dedicated amateurs, with little experience and little budget, and perhaps lacking a little in what one might call stage craft, to nevertheless produce an entertainment on this scale, and present it to the whole world.

Some detractors may declare it a Game Of Thrones knock-off, amateurishly done. The truth is; it is the dedication of the amateur troop, performing on the stage of the global village, that in part makes the show compelling.

Image courtesy of brokencontinent.com