One of Britain’s best-loved cats has returned to spread Christmas cheer and raise money for children’s literacy. 92 year-old author Judith Kerr has written a new story featuring the beloved Mog, Mog’s Christmas Calamity, and Sainsbury’s and HarperCollins Children’s Books have teamed up to produce an adorable short film for Sainsbury’s yearly Christmas campaign, with the theme ‘Christmas is for sharing’.

The book and a stuffed toy will be available exclusively at Sainbury’s, with Mog’s Christmas Calamity costing just £3 and the plush Mog £10. All profits from the sales of the book and the toy will go to Save the Children to support its literacy work in the UK. Watch the short and the behind-the-scenes video below.

Mog’s Christmas Calamity

Behind The Scenes

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  1. Underdogge

    The furry feline does appeal. Mog’s been going quite a while now I think, or the series has. I also quite like the Simon’s Cat short films and Shoo Rayner’s “Scaredy Cats’ Club” – though I found “Bluebeard’s Cat” quite frightening so goodness help the children it’s aimed at. Judith Kerr seems very alert for her age – and if she can churn out fiction at over 90 I guess there’s still hope for ASOIAF being finished as GRRM is but a lad in his 60s.
    Anyway hopefully the Mog film (not the advert) will be a programme that families can share at Christmas.

    • Olga Hughes

      Judith seemed very pleased with the CGI Mog, perhaps we’ll get another couple of shorts featuring Mog. They did a beautiful job with her.


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