Light, Dark And Angels: The Gothic Poetry Of James Butler

Sorrow’s Quest

Entombed within a church of flesh,

My shadow seeks the night.

A ghost among the living dead,

An angel seeking light.

For where is thine heaven now?

Burned to ash, and dust?

Fallen to the sin’s of Man in passion, love, and lust?

Forever’s just a tear I shed, as my soul was carried home.

For as my wish fell to flames, I was only dreaming bones.

I pray to God the Father. I pray to hosts above.

I pray that I may rise again to haunt in endless love.

For as the dawn comes bleeding, and dreams end dying slow.

My ghosts now fades to psalms of tears in winter’s falling snow.

James Butler writes Gothic Christian poetry. He has a passion for angels, fallen, dark and writes about suffering, desire, searching for light in a dark world.

Sorrow’s Quest is about an Angel, lost in darkness, searching for light. “My inspiration comes from pain, loss, death, and the many other demons I have had to deal with. I’ve been through so much darkness, I could own its throne. There are so many who suffer in darkness. Who is their voice? I try to help the lost ones in darkness find a bit of light, even if it’s moonlight,” said James, of his work.

James lives in Endicott, NY, with his wife and daughters, who are his light.

You can follow his poetry on Twitter @JamesTenwolves and on Facebook