Why A Million Twitter Followers Is A Bad Thing

twitter-followAt first the proposition that having less followers on twitter is better seems counter-intuitive; the more followers, the bigger the audience, the better. So who wouldn’t want a million followers on Twitter? However, analysis by sign-up.to, a company that assists other companies in managing their online presence, clearly demonstrates that having a greater number of followers results in lesser audience engagement. As measured by click through rates, as the number of followers increase, the rate of engagement, of participation decreases, as the infographic below indicates.



And of course an audience that is engaged, participatory, interested in your message, in what you have to offer, will obviously be better for whatever you are trying to achieve. Buying Likes or Followers from click-farms may result in the appearance of reaching a vast audience. But it will also result in your genuine audience becoming harder to reach, a mere statistic in a false economy.