The Prince and the Scullery Maid







International Tell A Fairy Tale Day February 26th 2016

About The Author

C.S. Hughes and Olga Hughes

C.S. and Olga Hughes are the Editors of Nerdalicious, and Overlords of the Realm Stuffed Animals.

4 Responses

  1. Dale

    I really enjoyed this tale of Anne and her prince I like the idea of Anne being “cross” with all those men controlling her life, such a pity her life was so short and filled with sadness.

  2. Olga Hughes

    We thought it was high time that Anne had a story as her Own Woman! We’re glad you all enjoyed it.

  3. Underdogge

    Well this is certainly better than some of the “hysterical historical” fictional versions of the tale that have appeared over the year.