With rumours confirmed that Jenna Coleman is leaving and Clara Oswald may be dropped down a volcano by the end of Doctor Who season 9, the big question is who will be the Doctor’s next companion? It is a position with more candidates than the US Republican Presidential Primaries, and a lot more interesting.

My very unlikely pet theory is that Peter Capaldi’s 12th Doctor is actually a younger version of William Hartnell’s 1st Doctor, and that Maisie Williams will be a new version of Susan, the Doctor’s granddaughter, circle of time, alpha and omega, the end is the beginning and all that. A very far-fetched scenario.

Please remember, if Donna ever encounters, remembers or is even just slightly reminded of anything even vaguely Doctor Whoish, her head will literally explode from TARDIS particles. So Donna is out.

Here are some of the most popular candidates, and you can vote on them, or suggest your own in the comments.

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  1. Olga Hughes

    You know I would really like to see Nasreen back! Except she is living in the centre of the earth with the Silurians.

  2. Underdogge

    I think it will probably be a new character played by a little known actor or actress. There have been exceptions to the companion being played by an unknown – Kathryn Tate was reasonably well known in the UK at least as a comedienne and Billie Piper had been a singer when she was a teenager. Who the little known actor/actress will be I can’t guess, sorry.

  3. AMC

    I think Zawe Ashton/ ‘Journey Blue’ would make a great companion. Zawe is a great actress and the character has seen and fought the Daleks. I think after the whole Cyberman Danny saving the world incident, it is time for the Doctor to give soldier Journey a chance.

    • C S Hughes

      I don’t see the Doctor getting over his disapproval of those in the military. Isn’t that why he rejected her last time?

  4. Jasmine

    There was a girl from Clara’s school who appeared in a couple of episodes (can’t remember either the character’s name nor the actress’s name) but she was feisty and good.

    • Jasmine

      That rings a bell, but my brain is rather like a sieve these days and I simply can’t remember her name, just that I was impressed with her character.

      • Olga Hughes

        It’s probably Courtney, she was on the TARDIS in Kill the Moon.

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