George Boleyn; Arrogant?

George Boleyn and his supposed lover Mark Smeaton as depicted in The Tudors

Couple of guys (not actually Mark Smeaton and George Boleyn)

My name is George Boleyn,
And I’d like to set things straight;
That I’m really not a monster,
And in fact I’m rather great.

I’m witty, bright and talented,
And modest too of course.
I’m sporty, fit and gifted,
And look splendid on a horse.

Some say that I’m too flirty,
But if you’re as hot as me;
It’s only right and proper
That I’m shared around for free.

Some others say I’m arrogant,
But I think that you can see;
How could anyone be humble
When they look as good as me?

Although I hate to say it,
But I’m sure you will agree,
I’m really rather perfect,
And I bet you wish you’re me.

So if we should ever meet,
And you look at me in awe;
Yes! I really am more wonderful
Than you have ever seen before.

So go out into the world,
And tell people I’ve got flair;
And while you’re at it also say
I’ve got very lovely hair! 





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