I have a little nephew;
Eddie is his name.
I love my little nephew,
Who provides reflected fame.

My nephew’s King of England,
Although he’s only nine.
So I’ll rule through his childhood,
Which I think works just fine.

My nephew is a puppet
To be moved around at will.
If I say someone has to die,
Then in his name I’ll kill……..

I hate my little nephew.
His behaviour is abhorrent.
Someone moved him round at will,
And now he’s signed my death warrant!

About The Author

Eddie Boverington

Edward “Eddie” Boverington is a freelance moustachioculturalist and professional cobbler, a student of history, and in his spare time composes medieval inspired poems and lute ballads in the 16th century style. He grew up in Clapham in the 1950s, where he still lives above his family’s shoe repair shop. Some of his moustache designs have won awards in prestigious international competitions, such as Le Concourse de Bacchantes et Moustaches de Francais. He can also polish, recondition and resole even the finest boots overnite for only £25.

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