Throughout a very varied life
I’ve always had the TARDIS.
Flying through the galaxies,
And filling up in Cardiff.

It used to be papier-mâché,
And it didn’t look that much.
But now it’s bright and shiny,
And doesn’t wobble at a touch.

Then there is my character,
Which changes almost yearly;
One year young and slender;
The next year old and surly.

All those men who played me;
None of them were rubbish.
Not even grey haired Pertwee,
Despite being Worzel Gummidge.

Looking in the mirror
Is different every time.
I’d actually be amazing
If I every took up crime.

I liked being David Tennant,
Who was loved by Billy Piper.
But Tom Baker was no beauty,
And his assistant was quite hyper.

I’ve met Cybermen and Dalek’s,
But none have been as scary
As the girl who won New Faces,
And whose scream could knock out fairy’s.

Peter Davidson was youthful,
In his dangly cricket scarf.
And Eccleston was always good
At giving you a laugh.

I’ve had companions by the dozen;
Including Catherine Tate.
Who used to have a sketch show,
With a granny full of hate.

Sarah Jane was popular,
And her departure was a blow.
But after much discussion
She got a spin off show.

Then there were the monsters,
With little that could scare.
But now they are quite frightening,
And the Dalek’s float up stairs.

Cybermen were as threatening
As your granddad dressed in foil.
But now you watch them marching,
And genuinely recoil.

Yes there’s been a lot of changes,
But if the brand should ever falter,
The TARDIS will be there to stay,
And that will never alter.