Last Cab To Darwin, directed by Jeremy Sims, (Beneath Hill 60) is a great Australian road movie in the great tradition of quirky Australian road movies. When Broken Hill cab driver Rex learns he’s running out of time, he sets off on an epic 3000km journey through Australia’s bush and desert heartland to Darwin in the far north, in an attempt to die on his own terms, learning on the way that that the only way to truly live, even when you are running out of time, is to be open to people, to share your life.

Michael Caton (The Castle) gives the performance of a lifetime as Rex, the film also features a great cast including the equally legendary Jacki Weaver (Animal Kingdom) and talented young actors Emma Hamilton, Mark Coles Smith, and Ningali Lawford-Wolf.

A uniquely Australian journey, exploring universal themes, Last Cab To Darwin is filled with hope, humour and heart, a timely reminder that it is never too late to really start living.

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The Central and Northern Australian regions are famous for red dust, harsh deserts, beautiful landscapes, extreme weather, tropical wetlands, mining, trucking, vast cattle stations and ancient indigenous cultures. To win all you have to do is tell us in the comments below about the weather where you live or something on any of the other topics mentioned above.

Sorry, competition is for our Australian readers only! Entries close midday December 9th, AEST. The most interesting answers win.

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163 Responses

    • Sharon Jespersen

      I used to think my mother was paranoid. “Bring the washing’s gonna rain.” or “Better get home. Storm coming” Since living here (Nelson Bay) we’ve had three cyclones, days which have all seasons in one. It may not be paranoia but it sure is crazy.

  1. Nat

    Melbourne has 4 Seasons In 1 Day but I’m from Sydney, a place that does get more rain each year than London (but also manages to fit it into distnct days so we can also enjoy the sunshine!)

  2. Janelle Dowton

    Hot and dry, desperately need more rain here in the bush!

  3. louise harffey

    Cold and extremely wet but at least I can dream about Australia!!

  4. Linda Beyerle

    Most of us are too busy to actually learn the lessons of life. We need a deadline (pun intended) or other reason that makes us pay more attention.

  5. melanie

    Normally getting hot and dry
    Today rain, doh, rather send it out bush

  6. Jade O

    Living in country Victoria the weather goes from extreme heat to freezing cold overnight. Right now its a lovely 29 degrees yet due for storms. Yay for summer I guess lol

  7. Qui Truong

    Hot and Humid everyday
    Can’t sleep at all – Mayday Mayday!
    Neighbours shagging every night.
    Squeaking bed is a fright.
    Please oh please rescue me.
    From this insanity.
    Send me Great Aussie DVDs’s to drown the noise and escape my plight.

  8. Anthony Axford

    I Live in Ballarat Victoria and our Weather changes very frquently, one minute it could be really nice and sunny and the next minute its Raining or Hailing, it’s also Very Cold most of the Year but otherwise its Beautiful.

  9. Janet Donbavand

    Sydney probably has the best weather of all the state capitals – cool but not too cold in winter , warm but not too hot in summer.

  10. Mick G

    Salisbury SA – cold, windy and wet – could’ve done with the rain during last weeks fires

  11. Rebecca Costa

    Geelong warm but cold next few days, the city like a country town!!

  12. Sarahmary

    The weather is Tasmania is a mixed bag. It was so sunny at 6 am yesterday I was in a singlet top and shorts. By mid afternoon, I had a jumper and socks on, under my ugg boots. Four seasons in one day is the Tassie lifestyle I’m afraid but I love it 🙂

  13. Madison Captain

    It’s hot and humid and the yard’s still a big mess after storms a couple of weeks ago – classic ‘straya weather!

  14. ray barnes

    Dry hot summers when railway tracks bend in the heat but a mild winter that cannot be beat

  15. Anita

    oversized trucking vehicles are legally required to hire an escort

  16. Barbara McHugh

    Central Queensland has a very hot summer with temperatures, even now, reaching the high 30’s and very little rain, if any, to help the situation.

  17. steve kingsley

    canberra- cool in the morning, hot at lunchtime, windy mid-arvo, cool late arvo. Dont know how to dress!

  18. Mark Rees

    North West Tasmania: Windy & Wild, but summer is mild. Cheers

  19. Rob McCray

    To sit on my verandah and watch the summer storms roll in from the west is one of life’s great pleasures; feeling the electrical tension build and break in a release that breaks the oppressive heat and humidity of a summers’ day.

  20. katrina stubbs

    It’s very hot where i live. I don’t drive so I walk everywhere. Tonight it is quite muggy. My poor cats are laying up against my back door trying to get a breeze

  21. Rhonda Lockery

    I live on the beautiful Gold Coast where the weather is mostly dreamy
    but it’s great to spread my wings and venture out to other exciting Aussie destinations

  22. Amy

    In WA in summer we often wake up to the howling and knocking of the wind. We don’t need weather apps – the noise is enough to tell us the Easterlies are blowing and it’s going to be a hot dry day.

  23. jula morton

    I live on the mid north coast,and we miss all the Sydney lashing of storms, always sunny ,beautiful and tropical, I just made a sea change here and love the palm tree that rustles in the wind, feels like im on my own island.

  24. Helen

    Hot and dry by day, our evenings are lit by celestial lazer lightning shows as the tropical storms hit our sunshiny Queensland coast. Beautiful!

  25. sue petrie

    I live at the beach on Bribie island suppose to be showers today but its sunny and muggy

  26. Vicki McKenzie

    Weather’s been all over the place but expecting a long hot Summer, perfect for growing hats, er, sunflowers.

  27. Richard Harrison

    As a recent immigrant from NZ, I’m finding the Melbourne weather hysterical. Storm warnings, insane downpours and scorching heat. That was Tuesday…

  28. Rosemarie De Bari

    Thigh stickingly, flies clingingly, sweat drippingly hot and muggy.

  29. shadow88

    The weather here today is dreary, drab with clouds so low i feel like i could reach out and touch them.

  30. angela beales

    melbourne too hot?? too cold??? just give it a minute and it’s bound to change

  31. Darren

    Summer means extremely hot and humid in Penrith, NSW… like the devil’s armpit!

  32. Katrina Phillips

    It’s day three of summer in what is supposedly the hottest state (SA) in the hottest country, however I’m sitting here in my office with the heater on and a hot cuppa within easy reach! What is going on???!

  33. Nicole Hanham

    The weather in Brisbane is just like my mood…..ever-changing and unpredictable!

  34. vanessa mccallum

    Rockhampton, Aus. So hot , so humid, need rain asap

  35. Kathryn C

    Sunny, rainy, windy, sunny, hailing, sunny and warm. Hey this is Melbourne ☺️??? 4 seasons in one day!

  36. Helga Grenkowitz

    We live in country Queensland; about 100km west of Brisbane. The climate here is more extreme than by the coast. We have a freezing cold winter and extremely hot summers. The temperature difference between day and night can be huge.

  37. Heather Hopley

    Red dust. My childhood memories are of red dust storms. The dust was so fine it infiltrated everything; even inside our house was a dust haze! Once I was lost in a storm as I couldn’t see further than a metre in front of my face!

  38. Christina

    I live in Sydney. The best city on the planet! One day it can be raining, the next day it might be sunny. Whatever the weather today or tommorrow I always know that LIFE is a celebration and you should be happy with what you’ve got!

  39. Nelle

    Hot,like the Gibson, cold like Antartica, hot like Uluru, weather makes you want to shoot through to the Reef for relief

  40. Sharon La Pira

    There is no Bay, or any water
    Where I live in Bayswater
    But a fresh Mountain breeze and clear summer sky
    Has the birds signing, and the clothes dry.

  41. Kathy

    Strange Bedfellows – They don’t come much stranger than my husband and the weather in our bed is always a windy.

  42. sophia Blake

    Last Cab To Darwin not only makes us think about our expiry date and what mark we may have made on the world , Weather it be sunshine or rain we all leave an impression that shapes future generations . Melbourne is known for its 4 seasons in one day and I think this reflects life in general…some good, some bad but eventually we see sunshine again 🙂

  43. lynne lillington

    So Hot and dry during the day, then rushing around to protect things from the night storms and hail.

  44. Nicola James

    Lush and green now after months of dry, so we are all moaning about the mozzies and having to mow! Harrisville QLD

  45. rene mckee

    The start of a hot beautiful summer, swimming everyday in the crystal clear waters of waikiki beach wa

  46. Deb Murray

    Looking forward to some Darwin weather here in SA on Monday, 38 degrees, cloudy and a late shower.

  47. Meagan cooper

    I’ve always dreamt of exploring our vast open land,
    Red dusty perfection right there in our hand,
    For miles all you see is flat open beauty,
    That clear blue sky is a doosey,
    Light summer rain brings a little respite,
    Then the stars fill the sky on the hot summer night.

  48. Sandy Heales

    The weather here in Perth is beautiful bright sunny skies and warm. Appreciating it after three weeks in grey wet London

  49. Maria

    Hoping to travel to Darwin and Kakadu next year. Loved this movie. Weather here at the moment has cooled down after a couple of very warm days.

  50. Jennifer Robertson

    The weather here is hot. I’d rather be elsewhere. They always report that it’s ‘fine elsewhere’.

  51. Courtney

    Clear skies at night, making the temperature cooler than it should be this time of year.

  52. Lauren

    Having to be prepared for ambiguous weather is my absolute favourite thing in the world (not). How are you meant to dress for cloudy, muggy, cool changes? Dammit Melbourne. Get your act together.

  53. Sandy Plester

    I live in Melbourne and it’s true what they say about us having four seasons in one day, the other day we had hail and rain and the next minute the sun was shining brightly and it was hot. Our temperatures seem to go from one extreme to another last week it was 34 degrees and 2 days later the low was 5 degrees.

  54. peter walker

    Weather like a yoyo – scorching hot then mild or even wet and windy when the southerly hits – reminds me of the Crowded House song, ‘4 seasons in one day’.

  55. sheralee Trebeck

    Open, beautiful country and even more dependable honest people a great country for us all .

  56. Bethany Allen

    Gold Coast weather is hard to beat
    Dress for a cyclone, face the heat
    Or a day of 35
    And in rain, struggle staying alive

  57. Fiona McLennan

    I’m now a Greensborough ‘Chick’, my boys and I having only recently moved here. We adore it, so close to the boys school, shops and parks. Our neighbours are lovely and they have watched us decorating the house for Christmas, like its never been before. Just Bliss!!

  58. Rebecca Baker

    We love the sticky sweaty heat so much that in 2 weeks we are moving to the NT! 3 hours from Darwin. Can’t wait

  59. Holly Livingstone

    I don’t even think the eastern suburbs of Sydney knows what season it is lately. One minute its to hot to wear clothes and I don’t bother with make up because it feels like my face is melting off, and the next minute I’m putting a sweater on.. HUH?! :s

  60. Kaye

    So unpredictable 40 on Sunday
    Possible rain & definite relief on Monday & rest of the week

  61. Tabatha Voss

    Disgustingly hot and humid summers,winters that every brass monkey hates and a few in between days when you’re very very lucky

  62. caroline A'vard

    I am lucky to live on the border between the gold coast and northern nsw, and we have glorious weather 12 months of the year..Im happy where we live but feel for the drier states in australia that are desperate for rain.. rain..

  63. Gerard Egan

    love our ocean breeze , when its hots its sure to please

  64. Calmette Lahoud

    Melbourne has 4 Seasons In 1 Day but I’m from Sydney, a place that does get more rain each year than London (but also manages to fit it into distnct days so we can also enjoy the sunshine!)

  65. Sharon Markwell

    The older I get, the more the humidity knocks me around. Brisbane has the best winters in the world though.

  66. Joe M

    Well, Perth is usually very predictable with all four seasons. However, today we have had thunderstorms and heavy rain, not normal at all, I think something strange is going on!!!!!!! 🙂

  67. Deb

    Darwin: hot, sweaty, humid, and never cold – great for my bones, as I’m told I’m getting old!

  68. Joey B

    Melbourne has four seasons in one day,
    but us Melbournians, wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Pack your thongs, bathers and rain coat,
    shall we go to the snow or go on the boat?
    Variable temperatures in this fantastic city,
    interstaters….we don’t need your pity.
    Live for today as tomorrow’s not here,
    let’s talk about the weather…at a barbie with a beer!

  69. Erika Collis

    There is nothing like an Aussie sense of humour. Doesn’t matter what the weather is like.

  70. Caitlyn Forsyth

    It is very humid and hot where I live, very typical Queensland weather! Wouldn’t have it any other way though, AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

  71. Thai Berrenson

    I have hears so many great review for this movie and would love to experience it for my self as is sounds great.

  72. William McGurk

    I think Michael Caton is one of Australia’s best actors and I always enjoy his performances

  73. Amy Petersen

    The weather in Brisbane at this very moment is sunny, warm, but also fine and a great day to be outside.

  74. christine

    The logs are tangled up on the creekbed dry ~ it’s only early December, the grass barren padocks have a dusty haze oh i wish it would rain

  75. Paul

    Cool to mild and overcast, making it great day for watching DVDS.

  76. Roberto Colombi

    We have Crowded House Weather here in Sydney… 4 Seasons in 1 Day!

  77. Marie Pohnetalova

    Bondi Junction – it’s like a Wind Tunnel but the weather is bearable, a real ‘Breeze’ living here!

  78. Joe

    Hot and arid flies everywhere, turn on the air-con, I don’t care.
    I’ll watch movies all day long, till it cools down, now where’s my other thong!!!!

  79. Aaron Kaczmarczyk

    Dry and hot here, a real burning heat. I miss the hot humidity when I lived out in the country!

  80. Christina

    I live in Queanbeyan (next door to Canberra) and love our weather. We get extreme cold and extreme heat and everything in between. I love the four seasons and watching the autumn leaves change colour and the blossoms appear on the trees makes it all worthwhile 🙂

  81. Russell S

    Beautiful one day, perfect the next – love the weather on the coast!

  82. john klo

    In Melbourne, It’s hot now…No wait..It’s raining…No no,..It’s hot again…Now I think it’s snowing but it’s still sunny.

  83. Bea

    I live in cool Tassie but can’t wait to get back to the red hot dusty centre!

  84. Elisabeth Martins

    I live in Newcastle, NSW and we have been having 40 degree days before summer even hit. It’s so muggy and hot and I struggle to sleep in the morning because as soon as the sun comes up it strikes you.

  85. Judy Roney

    Very hot in summer, dry barren paddocks, cold in winter, winds that chill you to the bone. Perfect for the rest of the year, green rolling paddocks, happy healthy cows, what more could you ask for????

  86. Rachel A

    In Adelaide and it’s been dry and hot
    with 40 degrees feeling like a stew pot
    It’s always just so hot and so dry
    Back yard bbqs are full of flies
    aeroguards working overtime and so hard
    Mosquitos biting and sucking my blood

  87. Helly Millett

    Typical Sweaty day here in Melbourne with possible snow flurries later in the day

  88. Kathleen James

    Coming from a cold climate I really appreciate hot dry days like today

  89. Lydia Hawke

    The idea that the only way to live is to be open to people and share your life is one that I have only recently embraced. I was brought up to be suspicious of people and consequently I have often been described as ‘distant’ or ‘hard to read.’ While it never particularly bothered me, having a child forced me to re-evaluate how I interact with others so I can give my son every opportunity to be a warm, welcoming human who is open to others and their ideas.

  90. julie bennett

    really like open spaces and nothing-ness knowing the uncertainty of what’s out there.

  91. Vera Desai

    The Noongar people of Perth have 6 season of weather not just the 4 we know.

  92. S W-Vines

    Well, I actually live in Broken Hill. It’s an extremely warm 42 degree day, it’s dry, and windy today. Not to mention it’s trying to rain! (If it actually does rain I’ll walk around the world backwards.) Absolutely awful weather but I love my home town.

  93. Rose P

    A recent short cruise to Alaska had the weather wild but awesome! The resulting growl of cracking incandescent icebergs held me riveted and thrilled simultaneously!

  94. Heather

    Macedon Ranges is a stunning part of Victoria with beautiful rolling countryside, which is now dry and parched. One day 35 degrees, the next can be 15, which is always something to talk about.

  95. Jacoba Evans

    In Melbourne’s Eastern Suburbs we have rain,
    Hot and cold on the same day, sends Melbournians insane.
    We don’t know what to wear.
    Going out without a coat, we don’t dare.
    Four seasons in one day is our usual refrain.

  96. Ange

    When I moved to melbourne I always thought people obsession with the weather was odd. Its weather right? Wrong, oh how wrong I was. Hot to cold, windy, rainy, storm and hot again. The one trick I have learnt is to wear layers, to peel them off only to put them all back on again in a blink of an eye. Melbourne is definitely the city of four seasons

  97. Chris

    Melbourne makes for strange bedfellows with its quirky weather. I raise two hands to clap and cheer for our beautiful sunsets in their vibrant pinks and oranges, and sunshine that quickly replaces the rain. No need to travel by the black balloon, or take the last cab to Darwin, as I love Melbourne’s unpredictable weather and will stay put in the Garden state, but might install a rabbit proof fence to protect the grass.

  98. Rebecca Floyd

    I live in the South of the country and in winter dream of the warm North. I used to live in the North and in Summer dream of the south. Now I just need to get a job that allows me to follow the weather.

  99. Kate H

    After 40 degree weather this weekend it’s now raining and I can hear thunder and see lightning light up the window here in Adelaide.

  100. adrienne harries

    Brisbane heat
    is pretty neat
    love the hot summer sun
    cooling off is lots of fun
    Hot and humid it can be
    But it suits my personality

  101. Dianne Dean

    Today it rains outside with a cool breeze drifting through the open doors. Strange to think now that yesterday we were swimming, laughing off the overcast sky above and finding relief from the mugginess that had entrapped us all day. By the end of the week the sun is supposed to beat down again so no doubt we will don the swimming gear again.

  102. Julie Vulin

    It’s funny how you can live in a country your entire life, and a long one at that and know so little of anything outside your own little world. To be xenophobic inside our own borders seems odd to me, but I believe has happened. I live in Melbourne and admit I’ve never been to Darwin, for that matter Perth or Broome, but I intend to as I want to see all of this great country we call Australia!

  103. Mandy Bull

    The weather in Brisbane is beautiful one day and perfect the next (at least at the moment)!

  104. Laura Scriven

    Sydney has been over the place,
    The warmer days are ace!
    But one day it’s 35,
    Then 18 – what a huge dive!

  105. Craig

    I live in Melbourne and i am pretty sure that Crowded House wrote 4 season in 1 Day” about the weather here… If you dont like it wait 15 minutes.

  106. Christopher King

    Melbourne weather con-founds me.
    Seasonal variance to a T.
    Jacket on or Jacket off?
    Wait 5 minutes and you will see!

  107. Belinda Ann

    I live in Melbourne so it may be summer but experience lots of rainy winter days randomly! Perfect for having a movie marathon indoors though!!!

  108. Madeleine Dober

    Where I live in Moonee Valley, the Wurundjeri people are the traditional owners of the land. They relied on the Maribyrnong River for transport and food. The name ‘Maribyrnong’ is said to derive from mirring-gnai-birr-nong – ‘I can hear a ring tail possum’. The river influenced the seasonal movements of the Wurundjeri and another meaning suggested is ‘running water’. Foods harvested from the river included fresh water mussels, water birds, fish and edible plants.

    Other places of historical significance include Queens Park, which was the first stopover in Burke and Wills’ 1860 expedition.

  109. Angela M

    Here in WA it’s nice hot at the moment. I love the blue sky we have in this side of Australia! 🙂

  110. shannan sullivan

    central coast nsw is where i live. Im more of a winter person, as i have fair skin i dont cope well in the heat always had sunstroke as a child.

  111. rachel sinclair

    i live in melbourne, famous for four seasons in one day! take today as an example wake up raining (put jacket on) gets warm (take jacket off and wish i wore shorts) then a thunder storm to jazz it up abit (wish it wasnt to hot for a jacket) now it is sunny and hot! and guess what tonight will be cold!!

  112. Bec

    We have fierce summer winds that are loud and annoying but it cools down the hot days and dries the washing quickly!

  113. Eva Kiraly

    It’s as hot as hell here in QLD and Summer has only just started, this Christmas the food will cook itself, I don’t think we’ll need fire under the barbie.

  114. Louise Mulvey

    In the north west hills of Sydney its raining and muggy and hot
    The weather will do as it wants to, whether we like it or not

  115. david sheridan

    The last cab to Darwin reminds me of moolap Victoria
    where I live dusty,dry and in need urgently of rain lots of rain.

  116. Tamara Lamb

    Hot and humid waiting for the rain to fall here in Central Australia!

  117. Kim Rudd

    Heat, Dust and…Silence

    Ever been to Hatfield in NSW? The road to Hatfield is a long one. The road is good but in 100 kms there’s not one car or any other vehicle for that matter to be seen. Suddenly you sweat a little, the isolation and treeless remoteness finally sinks in. You turn up the music for some welcome noise. In Hatfield the silence is deafening, not a bird (no trees) or a sound just an old abandoned homestead with the floorboards fallen through and disused 1960 petrol pumps waiting in stillness. The owners must have left in a hurry because there’s old plates still in the kitchen cupboard and an old bed with crumbling sheets in the corner. There’s holes in the ground everywhere and you wonder what’s in them.

    Across the road is a small building. The NSW School of the Air is thriving with 10 students total. Smiling and welcoming the two teachers are excited to have visitors and chat about how well their doing. Crystal, eight, tells me about the regional sports carnival they’re going to 200 kms away and how next year she’s going to the beach – for the first time. I tell her to look for pirate treasure and sea shells.

    Such is life in the outback and you learn something new in that silence and about yourself – just like finding your own pirate treasure.

  118. Michelle Monck

    Its been very up and down here one day its 36 next its 24.

  119. Katrina Bradfield

    Bacchus Marsh, 35C today but it’s close to Melbourne so wait a bit………it might drop ten degrees, then rain, then warm up again……it’s never boring! Just like Aussie films are never boring!

  120. Marie

    Adelaide has been so hot for the last four days. Last night we had had thunder, 150 lightening strikes and rain. Today is slightly humid, It is so diverse this country we live in!

  121. Kelly Ryan

    The weather here in Bundaberg, Queensland is hot and sticky during the day but most of the time we are lucky to be greeted by cooling winds in the afternoon.

  122. cheryl haining

    Melbourne today cool and windy in the morning, intermittent showers, temperature rose to 32 degrees and humid, by 8 pm it has dropped to a cool 16. Our weather is never predictable

  123. Linda S

    Melbourne’s like a lottos number prediction all in one crazy weather week,
    … 32, 16, 12, 27, 39, 15 and Sunday … mixed rain, heat and wind!

  124. Val

    Has been as hot as Hades in South Australia but thanks to a cracking storm last night with thunder and lightning, fantastic weather at present!

  125. Keith Harkin

    Where I live, Melbourne is like the Crowded House song: “Four Seasons in One Day.”

  126. Ben C

    It’s a little bit humid and sticky in old Sydney town at the moment

  127. Natasha McDonald

    I live in Country Victoria, it can be raining down the road but not at your place, we have several seasons in one day, hot, cool, calm, windy, hailing, raining, sun shining, mini whirlwinds, dust storms, bush fires every summer, sleet and the occasional snow in winter

  128. Belinda Bee

    It was really muggy and hot, then it rained, then it was cold (jumper weather) then it got really humid and hot again, then it it became really windy and it all settled down to a gorgeous evening…welcome to Melbourne!

  129. Maggie

    I live in Perth where in December sunshine is always fairly reliable. My parents visited from Tasmania for the weekend, however, are brought with them some terribly unseasonal rain, cold and general dreariness. 16 degrees at lunchtime in a Perth December is very unusual.

  130. bex

    The weather in our valley is indeed interesting in Samford QLD. We get strange high winds every couple of weeks, rain that no one else gets, and beautiful mist at ground level.

  131. Blair

    I remember growing up, we went to stay with my aunt and uncle in wubin. They owned the local store and had the mail run. We drove for hours to drop off mail to stations. Red dirt, dust and heat (sitting under the canopy on the back of the landcruiser). Awesome times!

  132. Rebecca

    Steamy and hot with a chance of severe storms in the afternoon evening….. I love, love , love my Australia and am looking forward to the petrichor after the rain ☺

  133. Kylie Stevens

    We just drove…yes, drove from Broome to Rockhampton all along the top of Australia. Its hot & dry everywhere….gotta love our country. I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  134. cher

    I come from the land of Wales where every child is born wearing an anorak and wellies. It rains so much there that I have webbed feet. Waterworld as nothing on Wales.

  135. Robb

    Today in Melbourne it’s a lot cooler than yesterday…woohoo!

  136. Lyn

    ‘Last Cab to Darwin,’ with it’s great actors, story and setting, is a true inspiration,
    To head to Darwin for our own explorations,
    Of Aussie characters, Aussie humour and Darwin’s scenic sights and weather!
    But I feel we’d prefer Victoria’ s weather better..!