To celebrate the release on digital of the Australian blockbuster sci-fi action thriller INFINI, starring Daniel MacPherson and Luke Hemsworth, and directed by Shane Abbess, we’re giving away a collection with three of the most spectacular of recent sci-fi films, Source Code, The Europa Report, and Skyline, must haves for any true fan of classic sci-fi action.

Set in the dark reaches of space, INFINI is the story of an elite search and rescue team transported to a distant mining station to save Whit Carmichael who is the lone survivor of a freak accident. Using Slipstream technology the team must transport into a hostile environment and quarantine a lethal biological weapon, which is set to arrive on Earth within the hour…and that’s when things really escalate.

INFINI is now available to rent or purchase on iTunes, Apple TV and other digital platforms. Click the banner to check it out on iTunes.

We have five sets featuring these three films on DVD to add to your collection for our Australian readers only. Just tell us about your favourite sci-fi film experience in the comments below. Entries close 28 May 1800 Hours AEST. Most interesting answers win. If you love these films, and classics like Alien, you won’t want to miss INFINI.




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  1. Roberto

    Really when the shuttle is heading to the space station in 2001 A Space Odyssey, it is still a defining moment in SF film, and in our dream of expansion into space.

  2. Jade O

    Watching Jurassic Park for the first time was AMAZING. As a 7 year old I was amazed at how lifelike the dinosaurs were. Even the film’s tagline “An adventure 65 million years in the making” had me confused. I assumed all the dinosaurs were real and it took Spielberg 65 million years to make the film, yet none of the actors aged at all!

  3. Kirsten W

    WALL-E. Part sci-fi adventure, part cautionary fable, part satire, part environmental and part love story, which may be the best and most improbable part of all.

  4. sue petrie

    The midnight meat train for me is the best it has drama mystery murder and a twist at the end .It really is so blood thirsty one should not watch it alone

  5. Evan S

    Seeing ‘Event Horizon’ in the cinema for the first time as it just had the perfect mix of Sci-Fi and Horror. I still freak out every time I see the “Where we’re going, we won’t need eyes to see.” scene!

  6. sheralee Trebeck

    When that massive space cruiser flew at me at the beginning of ‘Star Wars’, everything changed a new standard had been set… will never forget that moment.

  7. Michele Collins

    Being introduced to star trek on our honeymoon during their star trek marathon and convention

    • C S Hughes

      Nice! Every honeymoon should involve a Star Trek convention.

  8. Scott

    The original Total Recall (with big, bad Arnie Schwarzenegger) was awesome for it’s trippy, futuristic storyline and cool action sequences. The new one had good action scenes but the storyline was more boring than playing Wii Tennis with my Grandmother!

  9. Sharon Markwell

    As a teenager I was gobsmacked at the final scenes of the original Planet of the Apes. It still stirs me centuries later!

  10. lynne lillington

    Watching Alien when pregnant and bub started moving and poking her arms and legs out just as Ripleys alien did it also.

  11. Tamara Lamb

    Star Wars! The “Luke I am your father” line will never fade!

  12. Michelle Field

    Star Wars! I was 8 when I went to see it. Queued for an hour to get in and it was the best film I have ever seen. That opening scene where the stormtroopers come on the ship still sticks in my memory. Nothing has come close ever again

  13. Roberto Colombi

    Rutger Hauer’s death speech in Blade Runner – showed that even Sci-fi movies could have soul and emotion

  14. Marie Pohnetalova

    Trying to work out the dream within the dream within the Dream in Inception. If seeing is deceiving what can you believe? A great sci-fi movie makes you think as well as entertain

  15. Warren Hinchliffe

    The second Terminator movie with the liquid metal version. I particularly liked getting himself, and the gun, through the prison bars. Very cool with that touch of humour.

  16. Tess Howard

    What got me hooked on science fiction was Farscape! Long before I lived in Australia or knew how much awesome scifi was out there….I was addicted to Rygel and his helium farts and rather confusingly finding Ka D’Argo attractive.

  17. Daniel Gardner

    Seeing Terminator 2 – before the first one – made me a fan of both sci-fi and action for the first time at an early age – probably too young to completely understand, but still appreciate.

  18. nicole morris

    watching aliens for the first time. seeing those aliens bursting out of chests was nothing like anything i had seen before. the end was the best when rippley was in the machine robot. rippley is such a strong amazing charater, it was really unheard of having a women as the hero

  19. Laura Scriven

    Watching the Matrix on the IMAX,
    Now that had some serious visual impact!

  20. Nicole

    My favourite experience was the first of many many time watching Star Wars!! A life long fan 🙂

  21. Underdogge

    Well I can’t play as I live in Blightey but for interest “Quatermass and the Pit” (the bits I managed to watch before my parents banned me from watching it because it was scary) caught my interest in a nerve-wracking sort of way. That’s the TV version; I was a bit older when the film version made it on to TV so I was deemed old enough to watch then.

  22. cheryl l

    Alien – miles from anywhere, I was scared, the aliens attached to their skin, I froze from within

  23. JAMES M

    Well, it was my girlfriend’s experience really. On one of our early dates I took her to the Supanova Expo and she was absolutely mortified by all the unusual costumes, crazy sounds, the dark and eerie atmosphere, beasts and robots, I said this is sci-fi, welcome to my world 🙂

  24. Vicki McKenzie

    I love Sci-Fi from the British early TV shows UFO, Space 1999 to blockbuster films and everything in between. But the Alien franchise has a soft spot in my heart (fortunately it doesn’t burst out of my chest!) because watching the brave and beleagured Ripley elicits so much emotion and the odd scream which you can hear because I am not in space! Watching makes me want to travel to outer space and other planets. Sadly, it won’t happen in my lifetime.

  25. cheryl

    The V series! Recently got to meet Robert Englund at Comic-con and it was like a dream come true

  26. C S Hughes

    The winners have been selected! Thanks to everyone who entered – sorry we didn’t have more to give away! I’m sure you will win an even better prize next time!


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