What happens when Universal and Sony Pictures get together with the producers of the legendary shows Battlestar Galactica and Farscape? Defiance – intertwined with the MMORPG game of the same name, Defiance is a groundbreaking work of immersive SF.

In 2047, the not too distant future, some 30 years after several alien races arrived on Earth, the planet is transformed, terraformed and utterly changed.

The town of Defiance, that stands on the remnants of St Louis, is a prime example of what happens when humans and aliens live harmoniously together, but under the surface of this shining new world the complex agendas and politics of human – alien relations leads to intrigues and clashes that may have far-reaching consequences not only for the town, but for humanity itself.

To celebrate the release of season two of Defiance on Blu-Ray, Digital and DVD, with thanks to Universal Studios and Sony Pictures, we have 10 copies to give away.

Check out the trailer below, and answer the following question – if a closely humanoid alien race did arrive on Earth, after the destruction of their home world, with the promise of all sorts of amazing new technologies, but also the possibility of utterly changing the Earth we know, would you welcome them, or defy them? If so, why? Entries close 6pm AEST November 10 2016.




DVD Bonus Features:
*Season One Alternate Ending
*Deleted Scenes
*Gag Reel
*Defiance: The Lost Ones Minisodes
*Jesse Does Defiance
Director: Michael Nankin (Van Helsing, The Exorcist)
Producers: Kevin Murphy (Hellcats, Caprica)
Mark Winemaker (Warehouse 13, Beowulf & Grendel)
Writers: Kevin Murphy (Hellcats, Caprica)
Rockne S. O’Bannon (Farscape, Revolution, Cult)
Michael Taylor (Caprica, Battlestar Galactica)

Grant Bowler (Getting On, True Blood)
Julie Benz (Hawaii Five-0, The Circle)
Stephanie Leonidas (American Gothic, Killjoys)
Tony Curran (Elementary, Sons of Anarchy)
Jaime Murray (Hustle, Dexter, Warehouse 13, Sleepy Hollow)

Rating: MA 15+ Strong themes and violence

Entries close 6pm AEST November 10 2016. Competition open to AU only. Winners have five days to respond.


36 Responses

  1. Jasmine

    Human nature, being what it is, would always be suspicious of anything new and alien. I suspect that there would be a large body of people ready to fight against change. Equally there would be sections of society who would join with the aliens in order to make money and/or gain power. So more of the same human history, I guess.

    Loved Farscape and was very unhappy when it was cancelled.

  2. Dianne Kitson

    I love Defiance, but all is not what it seems, and I was always told if it sounds too good to be true it probably is – so I would probably be polite, but reserved and bide my time to make a choice pro or con for the alien race. Ironically, it was only less than 150 years ago when my Prussian ancestors were considered “aliens” in the South Australian colony and had to register if they wished to work in SA!

  3. Christopher King

    Doesn’t anyone read the galactic news these days? The World (OK, I’ll use correct terminology – The United Federated Lands of OZ) is no longer accepting aliens. Even if THEY did arrive by UFO. Get with the program, peeps! Your global Government has spoken!

  4. Steph

    I always like to give people – species – the benefit of the doubt. I could be classed as overly trusting which would make me a prime target to be made an example of by the invading – fleeing – alien race.
    But until that happens, no extra terrestrial race has ever given me reason to doubt their motives for leaving their own planet to inhabit ours.

  5. Anne G

    I would cautiously welcome them but take my time to decide whether to accept them or not.

  6. Barry Johnson

    I’d welcome them with my copy of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (as long as they’re not related to Vogons).

  7. Scott Crumlin

    Considering the real world we live in seems to be going backwards, not forwards with civilzation; so much violence, terrorism and slack behaviour, I would definitely welcome them hoping for progress. Defying them could just lead to war and waste and what woudl be the point.

  8. William McGurk

    I would set them up on a large island until it can be verified about their planet’s destruction, also the people looking after them would have terminal illnesses so if they have brought pathogens with them it can be contained and each piece of technology thoroughly examined by experts from around the world. But then again them might just destroy everything except their island.

  9. Mick G

    I’d tell them to piss off – hey if they land in Australia they must respect our right to want to be left alone

  10. Arnie

    We can only assume they come in peace, welcome them until they give us a reason to defy them after which there is little hope we could win if relations turn sour with a civilization that has mastered star travel.

  11. Tony Iomazzo

    Resist the Alien invasion and start insurgent groups in a Mujahideen style resistance movement, to flaunt alien progress and endeavour…

  12. Adrienne

    humanoid alien’s welcomed with open arms
    With discussions and balance to our worlds charms
    Compromise is the key
    New ways may be good to what we already see
    We never know when we may need to leave too
    and I think we should others as we expect to do

  13. Mich F

    If they can stop Hilary or Trump becoming President, a BIG YES from me!!

  14. Vicki McKenzie

    I see this scenario as an extension of the law of the sea – the unconditional obligation to rescue anyone in danger or lost. It doesn’t matter that they have come from outer space, they are essentially marooned and as their home world has been destroyed, we can’t morally turn them away. We should resist a law of the jungle approach. This is what any good Star Trek Captain would do, let them aboard the ship, be cautious until their intentions are fully clear but offer them the hand of friendship.

  15. james pizzey

    would you welcome them the answer is a big YES in Australia we are a welcoming country we have people from all over the world enjoying this country so from another world we both can learn from each other

  16. Jade O

    At times I worry about the state of the world and think we should all just start fresh, so I for one would welcome our alien overlords as long as they keep me alive… I’ll do whatever possible to please them (while secretly starting my Alien resistance deep undercover!)

  17. Natalie Wright

    Welcome them to help us save us from ourselves. The new technologies would be able to benefit us and save us from the bureaucratic rigmarole we are subjected to. Little happens as people take less and less care of the world around them.

  18. Patrick

    All you have to do is not go very far down memory lane, to discover the Coronet instructional film mentality dissidents of Disneyland on Halloween eve 1938. Herd mindlessly exposed their Puritan Calvinist genetically passed down Merrye Syndrome D.N.A. Going into a mass mania and paranoid panic thinking they were being invaded by ”Martians”. Obviously it doesn’t take very much grey matter to educationally figure out today they are no different. If the biblical Jesus Christ all their Russell S. Doughten film brainwashed religious trauma syndrome suffering god bothering dissidents believe in, did came back. They would nuke him before they even before they knew what the hell it was. Or dissect him like they tried to do Zira, Cornelius, Starman, ET, Klaatu, the V people etc. This is why other world people should never go to Disneyland nor judge humanity by it’s dissidents. Whose ancestors were publicly persecuted and facing the noose under King George the third,”Mad George’s” Bloody Code for heresy, blasphemy and highly unchaste lewd society behaviour, that’s why they fled Europe. If Mad George didn’t send British Quakers to bring law order and common sense, today there would be no native Americans and they’d still be burning dissidents as witches. Historically from doing this is how red devil and witch Halloween costumes were created.

  19. Amanda

    I would welcome them with open arms, as I believe in futuristic progression, as I would be besotted by their outer-space charm, that surely will make a lasting impression

  20. Caitlin

    I’d welcome them in the hope that their technology could reverse climate change or at least save us from suffering from the effects.

  21. Roberto Colombi

    If the technology is for the advancement of the human race and we are equipped and intelligent enough to handle it then I would say welcome, would you like a cup of tea (my English upbring coming to the fore there…!)

  22. Sarahmary

    Id welcome them with open arms. The human race needs change and i don’t see us achieving it the way things are going. Alien’s have been around for billions of years, we’ve a lot to learn.

  23. hayley shaw

    The world is constantly evolving so I would welcome them and be positive about what knowledge they could bring , Im a good person so I’d also feel the need to help them after they had lost so much

  24. Kim Kelly

    If their already made it to here, they are way ahead of us so, I would welcome them and hope for the best

  25. Kathleen

    We’ve evolved to survive and part of surviving is being afraid of things that may kill us. In the case of an alien race arriving on earth, it would be clear that their technology is overwhelmingly more advanced than ours. Thus, they would have the means to effectively attack us if they chose to.
    My initial reaction wouldn’t be fearful, though. I’d probably say something to the effect of, “Yes, something is finally happening! One of the biggest mysteries in the universe has been answered. We’re not alone. It is possible for organic beings to traverse long distances in space! Life will never be the same.”

  26. Kerry Vincenti

    We may not a choice but to welcome the Aliens if they are superior to us but if not I would wait and see and if they turn out not to be so good I would want them to leave, otherwise I would make them feel at home.

  27. jason holmes

    you would be stupid not to welcome them, you would be even stupider not to always keep one eye on them

  28. sacha pech

    Welcome them. Then milk them of their technology. I for one think it’s damn time the dishwasher emptied itself!

  29. Janelle Dowton

    In the case of an alien invasion,
    I’d follow without too much persuasion,
    Cause when under stress,
    I’d be an indecisive mess!

  30. Becky Downey

    Personally no as what’s in it for them? Probably finding out our weaknesses, seeing what resources Earth has and if they’re that sophisticated they could overcome us with ease.

  31. Tracy

    I’m a suspicious little jelly bean. On the surface, I’ll be welcoming but deep down there will always be that part of me that’s prepared to fight, once the alien’s true mission is revealed.
    After all, did they really stop by to borrow a cup of milk or to take and eat the cow? Only time will tell…

  32. Kell

    OMG it just Happened!!! Trump is President …which is kind of the same thing!!!!
    I say shoot first ask questions later…it IS the Zombie Apocalypse ……RUN!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Laura Scriven

    I’d accept them, otherwise there would always be the what if?! Plus, it’s human mentality to accept that the grass could be greener with them.

  34. Elisabeth Martins

    I would embrace them with open arms because surely they can’t destroy the world as much as humans have already. The question we shouldn’t be asking is will you accept them but more rather will they accept us for everything we do and stand for?

  35. Olga Hughes

    Thanks everyone, entries are now closed and we will be contacting the winners shortly!