doctor-who-50th-wwIn an effort worthy of the Doctor himself, BBC Worldwide has announced that the 50th Anniversary special will be aired simultaneously worldwide. The BBC is determined to avoid leaks and spoilers for fans. The broadcast is expected to reach 200 countries and around 100 million viewers. Expected to air at around 8 p.m in the UK on November 23rd, Whovians in America should get it around noon while Australia will get the show at 7 a.m Sunday morning.

The ABC started showing Season 7 Part 1 episodes online the morning after the UK broadcast last year, with the episodes airing on TV the following Saturday night. This year they decided to switch to Sunday evenings instead of the traditional Saturday night slot so fans could have the episodes the next day.

There has been a concerted effort to improve things for fans by Australian television networks over the last year. Many series are now being broadcast on the same or next day as the US or UK, including our household favorites Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and the new series The Dome, which is airing just hours after it is broadcast the US. Fans can now safely log on to Facebook over their morning coffee without fear of spoilers.

Whovians, start planning your big Sunday breakfast.

No word when the 3D episode will hit the cinemas yet. Read more Doctor Who 50th Anniversary news.



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