It’s all too soon, and finally here. The conclusion to series 7  The Name of the Doctor airs tonight. Steven Moffat has promised we’ll discover the Doctor’s greatest secret and we’ll find out what makes Clara so impossible.

The day they went to Trenzalore!

Clara is summoned to an impossible conference call, alerting her that the deadly Whisper Men are closing in on Vastra, Jenny and Strax. Someone is kidnapping the Doctor’s friends, leading him toward the one place in all of time and space that he should never go. It’s a deadly trap that threatens to unravel his past, present and future…

The Name of the Doctor will air on ABC tonight at 7.30p.m.

The finale has already aired in the UK and with American fans getting their Series 7 Part 2 DVD’s a week early in a major error, you might want to stay off the social network to avoid major spoilers.

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