Doctor Who have released two new videos discussing Clara and the Doctor’s friendship in the wake of rumours that Jenna Coleman is leaving the show. It has been claimed that Jenna has won the role of Queen Victoria in an upcoming eight episode drama for ITV.

In any case Series 9 marks Clara’s third full year in the TARDIS and her second series with the Twelfth Doctor. After rather a lot of emotional upheaval last year it seems the Doctor and Clara have settled down and into their friendship, with Steven Moffat commenting that Clara has realised her fate lies with the Doctor, and not in Coal Hill School. Peter, Jenna and Steven all weigh in on the Doctor’s and Clara’s relationship in Series 9. Watch below.

The Doctor & Clara In Series 9

The Glory Years of the Doctor and Clara

The Glory Years of the Doctor and Clara

The glory years of the Doctor and Clara start this weekend! Steven Moffat explains how and why.

Posted by Doctor Who on Thursday, 17 September 2015


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