Doctor Who Series 9: ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’ Prequel Sneak Peek

Two new images of the Doctor Who Series 9 prequel The Doctor’s Meditation have been released, featuring the Doctor and Bors, played by Daniel Hoffmann-Gill, who is also guest staring in the Series 9 opener The Magician’s Apprentice.


Fans have spotted that the chalice in this image looks remarkably like the chalice used by Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in The Night of the Doctor. Well, Michelle Gomez was just saying there were no coincidences in Doctor Who


The Doctor’s Meditation will premiere at the special cinema event in the US, the 3D screening of Dark Water and Death in Heaven September 15th and 16th. No word yet, but we’re assuming it will be released internationally before the Series 9 premiere.

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Update:Watch the Doctor’s Meditation here

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