The title sequence for Doctor Who Series 8 has been inspired by a fan-made clip on YouTube.

Billy Hanshaw, a motion graphics designer from Leeds, produced his own version of the title sequence for Series 8. It received over 700,000 views and eventually found its way to Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat.

Fans were commenting on how similar the fan-made sequence was to the one seen at the Deep Breath premier in Cardiff this month, and it is now confirmed that Billy’s title sequence was the inspiration for the Twelfth Doctor’s new sequence.

Moffat explained how the title came about: “Our beautiful new title sequence — it’s absolutely stunning — is from an online Doctor Who fan. Billy Hanshaw just decided to make a Doctor Who title sequence and put it up on YouTube. I happened across it and thought it was the only new idea for a Doctor Who title sequence since 1963. We got in touch and decided we were going to do that one.

“I suppose when we talk about Doctor Who fandom online, that’s what we should be talking about. We should be talking about the extraordinary creative response. We give them a show and they give us the show back, sometimes better. That’s cementing. There’s something magical about Doctor Who that makes some of the people actually want to do it.”

Watch Billy’s title sequence below:


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