The Time of the Doctor

The Time of the Doctor

The BBC has released five new official images from the upcoming Doctor Who Christmas special The Time of the Doctor.

The Doctor clutches the head of a Cyberman

The Doctor clutches the head of a Cyberman

The Time of the Doctor will air on Christmas Day at 7.30 p.m in the UK. ABC has yet to announce the Australian air time, which should be in the morning on Boxing Day. This is Matt Smith’s final episode. So what do we know so far? Here’s our spoiler-free musings.

The "Impossible Girl" Clara

The “Impossible Girl” Clara

The first new image shows a Sontaran battleship. The 10 second teaser trailer shows all of the Eleventh Doctor’s deadliest foes, the Cybermen, the Daleks, Weeping Angels and the Silence. The Doctor will go to Trenzalore, along with his companion Clara. The TARDIS cloister bell rings in the trailer. Steven Moffat and Matt Smith recently hinted about the Doctor’s greatest fear. When asked by an audience member at the Doctor Who 50th Celebration ‘what was in the Doctor’s room in The God Complex‘, Moffat replied: “Keep watching. We will come back to it.” Matt Smith then added: “Sooner that you think…”

The God Complex episode saw the Doctor, Amy and Rory trapped in a hotel where the corridors keep changing. The Doctor soon learns each room contains the greatest fear of someone who has been in the hotel. The contents of the Doctor’s room, number eleven, were not revealed to us but the TARDIS Cloister Bell was tolling.

The Doctor and Clara

The Doctor and Clara

We thought perhaps the Doctor has finished with Trenzalore in The Name of the Doctor. All the way back in 2011, in The Wedding of River Song, Dorium warned the Doctor “It’s all still waiting for you: the fields of Trenzalore, the fall of the Eleventh, and the question!” In The Name of the Doctor the Doctor is lured to Trenzalore by Dr Simeon, The Great Intelligence, and his chilling Whisper Men. River Song saves the Doctor from having to reveal his name, which is the password to get into the tomb. Not to be thwarted, Simeon throws himself into a time-tunnel, an “open wound”, and the Doctor’s life is re-written, as is time itself. But Clara runs into the time-stream, shattering herself into millions of Clara’s along space and time, and saving the Doctor’s life.

Clara won’t be able to save him this time, however. We know that the Eleventh incarnation of the Doctor will die, and he will regenerate into the Twelfth. Steven Moffat has also hidden a rather interesting surprise in the artwork for The Time of the Doctor, we can see Eighth Paul McGann’s face hidden is some flames along with Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi.

It’s shaping up to be a spectacular exit for our beloved Eleventh.

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