Well we certainly weren’t left in suspense for too long. Michelle Gomez has revealed she will return for Series 9 (hooray!).

“Everything about making the Master the Mistress kind of ups the ante,” Michelle told Doctor Who Magazine.. “It makes everything that little bit more dangerous. It blows open this Pandora’s box.”
When Michelle was asked if she would be returning she answered “‘Yes’ is my answer. I’ll be back. Can I say that? Am I allowed? If not… well, I guess we’ll have to see how she’s received…”

Steven Moffat, speaking at the Royal Television Society’s Doctor Who: Anatomy of a Hit, revealed how they tried to plant a red herring during the filming of Dark Water.

In Dark Water, Missy originally passed herself off as a robot, claiming her name was an acronym for ‘Mobile Intelligence Systems Interface.’  Michelle Gomez initially recorded a different line.

“Whenever I arrange skulduggery, no bugger ever notices,” Moffat joked. “I had Michelle say she was a Random Access Neural Interface – which spells Rani – and we thought ‘everyone’s bound to overhear that!'”

“In The Day Of The Doctor, we went to the trouble of having John Hurt’s character referred to as Omega throughout – is nobody stealing scripts these days?

When Michelle recorded the line revealing she was the Master/Mistress “she whispered, and what you hear was recorded later,” said Moffat. “Even the bit where Peter turns around and says “Easy if you’re a Time Lord”, that was all just mimed so it could be sorted out later.”

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