Is anyone else starting to seriously feel the separation anxiety? BBC has released yet another less-than-20-seconds-long trailer but Whovians have been hard at work all year making their own versions.

From rusty501, my favourite of the fan-made Series 8 trailers.

Doctor Who Series 8 Trailer

John Smith brought us the awesome trailer Rain recently. Here’s a classic take on the title sequence for the Twelfth Doctor

Doctor Who – Series 8 Title Sequence

Not strictly Series 8, but an awesome recap featuring footage from the First Doctor to the Twelfth Doctor. LastWhovianTrailers asks The First Question.

Doctor Who: The First Question – 50th Anniversary Trailer

VeritaserumUK has some great trailers and some pretty funny mash-up opening sequences. The Previously on Doctor Who recap trailer takes a look back at some of the best moments from Series 1 through to Series 7. Grab a cup of tea, this one runs for a little over twelve minutes.


Doctor Who: Series 8 ‘Previously’ Trailer (Game of Thrones Style)


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