Picture: Splash News

Little Ippo (Picture: Splash News)

Proving that Zebras are far more laid-back than the human race, a rare Zonkey has been born in an animal reserve in Florence, Italy. The zebroid – or zebra hybrid- has been named Ippo, from the Ancient Greek meaning horse, by the reserve manager Serena Aglietti, who reports he is in good health.

His mother is of a breed of donkey originating in and named after the Amiata mountains in Tuscany. The Amiata were first spotted at the end of the seventh century, and are now an endangered species. His father is a rescue zebra, confiscated from a failing zoo. The reserve managers have stated the pairing was entirely unintentional. Determined not to be thwarted, the love-struck Mr. Zebra broke through his protective barrier to woo the proud new mum.

Ippo is the only zonkey in Italy, with less than a handful of zonkeys in the world, the others reportedly in Germany, China and Georgia. Much rarer than the zorse zebra hybrid, which is bred in Africa. Unfortunately Ippo will probably not be able to breed due to the incompatability of his parents’ chromosomes, but will live out a happy life with Mum and Dad at the reserve.

The birth is a well-deserved boon for the Aglietti family, whose reserve often takes in animals seized by the police, including a camel, parrots and a racehorse that was destined to be butchered.

If Ippo’s mother was a zebra and his father the donkey he would have actually been born a Donkra. Donkra or Zonkey, in either case we think he’s cuter than any Pokemon.


Ippo takes it easy |Photo: Splash News

Ippo takes it easy (Photo: Splash News)

Ippo and Mum (Photo: Splash News)

Ippo and Mum (Photo: Splash News)


Pika pi! Cuter than me?

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