"Lola". Photo: Maine State Aquarium

“Lola”. Photo: Maine State Aquarium


Photo: Maine State Aquarium

A rare six-clawed lobster caught off the coast of Hyannis, Massachusetts, has been donated to the Maine State Aquarium. The lobster, who has been named “Lola”, was discovered by Captain Peter Brown and lobsterman Richard Figueiredo of the fishing boat Rachel Leah, which has been featured on the Lobster Wars reality TV programme. Captain Brown contacted several aquariums in New England before the Maine State Aquarium agreed to give her a new home.

Lola, who weighs four pounds, has a normal single claw on her right hand side, her left side has five claws arranged in a hand-like pattern. Marine scientist David Libby, who works at the aquarium, says Lola is a first. However he is unsure if the strange claw will survive Lola’s next molt.

The Maine State Aquarium, which attracts some 35,000 visitors a year, is home to several rare lobsters, including orange, blue and half-and-half lobsters. Aquarium manager Aimee Hayden-Roderiques says “We’re kind of the place for unusual lobsters.”

Lola will have a week to adjust to her new surroundings before being moved into the public diplay area next week. You can watch a video of Lola having a swim in her new digs at the Bangor Daily News.

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