Slow and steady wins the race...Picture: APF

Slow and steady wins the race…

Well, a rabbit. A tortoise has beaten a rabbit in a skiing competition held for pets and their owners in northern China. Other contestants included cats, dogs, a rooster and a yellow duck, who took to the slopes in China’s Hebei province.

This yellow duck took to the slopes in a fetching red necktie

This yellow duck wore a fetching red necktie

The 40 human competitors were allowed to place their animals on skis or sleds, or could guide the pet with a lead while skiing.

China News Service reported that the tortoise claiming third place overall.

“Because the rabbit loved jumping and didn’t follow its owner’s commands, it was overtaken by the tortoise,” the report said.

The tortoise – which would usually be expected to hibernate during the winter – apparently hitched a ride on its owner’s ski equipment.

Bunny congratulates the tortoise on his victory

Bunny congratulates the tortoise on his victory


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