When pop culture, technology, sugar and pastry meet, the results are obviously, nerdalicious.

Here for your delectation is a collection of the most genre-ific cookie cutters and other foodish accessories we could find.

Some you can buy online at the usual places, others can be printed at home on your 3D printer from files downloaded from sites like Thingiverse.


Batman – old school bat symbol cookie cutter


A simple outline, but unmistakably the USS Enterprise from Star Trek


Nothing quite as fun as humming Darth Vader’s theme as the cookie is transported from plate to mouth.


Time And Relative Deliciousness In Space


Two piece Dalek cookie cutter – outline and pattern – I wonder if you could do them with a jam center?


Ghosts eat Pacman, Pacman eats ghosts, we eat both. Victory is ours!


In the town, where I was born, there lived a man, who ate cookies…..


Here’s a Star Wars set, in case you need a Wookie Cookie. Or a Jawa with your java.


Some people are on low cookie diets, so here are some chocolate and jelly molds. Chocolate Bender, Jelly Bender or Alcopop Bender? We know which one Bender would choose.



Beep beep, doop beep beep!


I always suspected carbonite was a form of chocolate. Here’s proof.


This is a comment on the amount of effort I have gone to to entertain you with this post.


If a chocolate TARDIS is bigger on the inside, you just better hope you don’t pick the one with the horrible mint fondant centre.


We’ll need somewhere to keep all these munchables. Luckily our fridge is also bigger on the inside.


Jabba’s cooler.


And lastly, going boldy where no applliance has gone before, Dulyawat Wongnawa’s Star Trek inspired design for a fridge that’s a combo cooler and replicator. You simply order an apple, and the fridge uses transporter technology to make it so!

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C S Hughes

C S Hughes is a proud member of the TV generation, studied film and communications, collects the paperback books of Philip K Dick, loves science fiction and fantasy books, B grade movies and cult TV, American thrillers and British noir, restoring vintage watches, reading poetry, creating innovative illustrated poetry books which are available in Apple’s iBooks format, and cake. Especially cake. He has also written short stories, and has a collection of horror stories coming out in 2015.